Tuesday, February 17, 2015

9am-5pm, Stuck at Home With Your Sick Child



  1. Girl! My entire family got this plague-like flu this weekend. I was lucky enough to add bronchitis to my list. I'm an overachiever like that. Husband is back at work and I'm feeling a lot better. Two kids... Not so much. If I have to listen to anymore hacking, pick up one more Kleenex or dispense another ounce of medication I have to convince them to take because it will,help them... I'm going to lose my shnizzle. No joke. Why did I have to get better the fastest?

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  3. During the winter time is not a bad thing no?
    But true that all this bug crap is going on around. I barely escaped its grip, whereas everyone else in my family got the sniffles and all sorts of ailments.
    Mine required just coffee to fix me up.


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