Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Writing Process, Expressed in 37 Gifs

On good days, I'm all,

So then I take a few hours days months off to rest.

But on bad days, I'm like,

And I resort to desperate measures.

One day,

The next day,

One day,

The next day,

One day,

The next day,

Most days end like,


My husband is all,

When I leave the house, strangers look at me like,

And I'm all,

Some days my husband finds me like,

And he's all,

Finishing the first draft feels like,

My inner voice is all,

I get drunk and hit send like,

And I picture my editor all,

Until I do some more reflecting...

And realize she could also be like,

I update Facebook all,

But then my self-deprecating sub-Tweets are like,

And then instead of torturing myself waiting for judgment,

I'm just,

In related news, I have a manuscript due at the end of the week. Pray for me.
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