Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scenes From a Marriage: Love Means Never Having To Say...

Once upon a time, in a living room probably not all that far away, depending...

Me: I feel like I apologize too much.
Jeff: [side-eye]
Me: I'm serious. I'm always saying sorry [ed note: often deservedly]. Can we come up with something else I can say, that still means "I'm sorry"?
Jeff: [after zero seconds of hesitation] Poop stain.
Me: Oh. Um. Haha. Okay. I was thinking something more inside-jokey and less skidmark-y, but okay. What about you?
Jeff: [side-eye]
Me: You should have to say something when you're sorry, too. Something you would never normally say.
Jeff: Fine. What?
Me: You have to say.... Rachel Zoe.

...And they never apologized to each other ever again.



  1. HA! I'd like to make a deal like this with my wife, but everything seems to be my fault. If she reads this, I'll have to apologize yet again.


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