Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Summers Giveaway Numero Uno (Una?)

My book comes out May 16. Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. So I'm kind of excited, and I need to celebrate.

Normally my definition of "celebrate" is sitting on the couch in maternity leggings (shut up, 18 months is still postpartum) and watching Jeff dance to Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do It" while we cue up the latest episode of Modern Family on Hulu and he refills my wine.

I feel, however, that this calls for something... classier. But only just.

That's right, I'm giving away a copy of Five Summers! S'mores is how I do it, Montell. (I am still, in many respects, a lowercase g, but I have big dreams.)

OK, so first, to get you pumped, check out my book trailer! That's me doing to voiceover (Bobcat Goldthwait regrettably declined) and I have a cameo at the 23 second mark, at age 16:

And now, the giveaway. If I've coded this right (which I probably almost definitely have NOT), this should give you a bunch of easy options for entering (that's what she said, I know, let's move on) by Tweeting, Facebooking, liking various pages and sharing the book trailer.

Only one winner will be chosen this time, but I'm going to do three more giveaways after this one, so keep hope alive.

The sweepstakes starts NOW and ends on Thursday, April 18 at 9:00 pm. Please share the widget and tell your friends.

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Oh, AND, because I love you, especially if you've gotten this far down:



  1. This is so damn cool.
    I don't do facebook. I know I live in the dark ages, but I refuse. So I will just have to buy the damn book, and I will.

    So happy for you!

  2. Excited for this! Love your blog! Can't wait to read your book!

    Fav summer memory would have to be hide and seek. We would wait until twilight and then use our whole street and all the yards (sorry old folks next door that had an 8 o'clock bedtime ...) for some old fashioned hide and seek. I remember sitting so long in some of my hiding spots I thought the game might be over already ...

  3. My summer camp memory? I NEVER GOT TO GO TO CAMP! And after watching your trailer, I want to.

    My son goes every year though. The first time he went for a week and didn't change his clothes the entire time. He was gross...but happy.

  4. Summer camp! Yay! I was honor camper one out of three summers...clearly not a very stringent place I attended. Have a very happy birthday and congrats on the book. (p.s. absolutely no time constraints on postpartum that i am aware kids are 13 and 16)

  5. Niiiice!!! I soo want to get my hands on this. I couldn't see the rest of your page because it shows as inaccessible content :(

    And happy birthday!!!

  6. I went to girl scout camp when I was 12. The "tents" were actually old covered wagons. They leaked when it rained, and raccoons ate your toothpaste. Awesome.

  7. My favorite camp memory was being the only girl to hit the target (a swinging milk jug) with a shotgun. This makes me sound so much sketchier than I really am.

  8. I went to camp for 14 years and it absolutely shaped who I turned out to be. Two summers ago I talked about writing a book about beat me to the punch!!! Can't wait to read it.

  9. I hung a list on the fridge entitled "What I Want For Mother's Day"
    It is one giant list of books. When my husband saw it our conversation went like this:
    "Are these, like, book books? Like with pages?"
    "Uh, yeah. I have a Master's Degree. I can read. I also read to both our kids countless nights."
    "I know you CAN read I just thought you only read blogs on your computer. Are you sure you still know how to turn pages. You know you don't click or swipe anything, right?"
    "I don't just read blogs! Besides, these are all books written by the writers of my favorite blogs. And I know how to turn pages. Shut up."

    Your book is on my no-swiping (Sorry Dora, i stole your line) no-clicking list;)

  10. Una, you have the cutest voice! Happy birthday! Can't wait to read Five Summers!

  11. I really liked your article as it is very interesting to read thank you

  12. Yippee!! It's out! :-)

  13. Oh .. summer memory. I was a lifeguard and we played softball, partied at pizza and were in really good shape. It was so much fun. But I never went to camp.

  14. How cool! It's been on my reading list since you told us about it :)

  15. THis is a remarkable read. It has everything you want: never boring, not weighed down with description, lots of meaty dialogue!! And characters you feel for. A solid read, Una. And I knew it'd be stellar. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  16. Super pumped for a book about camp! Although I didn't really go as a camper, I've been a camp counselor for the past 6 summers. A LOT of shenanigans go down without camper knowledge. One of my favorite memories was when I was on-duty in the cabin with my best friend after the kids were asleep. I had somehow stashed some vodka in a water bottle in my (locked) suitcase. We were disgruntled about the kids' behavior or something so we did shots in the bathroom by ourselves. Also I spent a lot of nights with my camp boyfriend in the pontoon boat. Wooooo.

  17. I went to one summer camp when i was 15. It was an unconventional camp in that we stayed on a college campus and there were cooking, creative writing and even criminology classes (yes, for real). the camp director was really handsome and looked like rob lowe and apparently had a minor role in a movie when he was younger. The "craziest" part of this story is that I actually went there with Michael J. Fox's son. He was like 1 or 2 years younger and so dorky, but so nice. We had cooking class together.

  18. Soo many camp memories...the one hot lifeguard/wrangler who sang to me on a hayrack ride, going ziplining, playing capture the flag, sneaking over to the boys cabins...wishing I could run a camp one day...

  19. I never went to camp, unless you count the tent my mom made me with a blanket over the clothes line. But this sounds like just the thing for a summer read for our online book club!

  20. I went to a Church Camp for one week every summer from middle school up until my senior year of high school. It was always a great time to bond with other teenagers my age and that's where I met my best friend. We were always, pretty much the last ones to fall asleep because we would be up laughing about everything! One night as we were laying there we heard someone sneeze and right after someone else said "God Bless you!" I got really giggly and turned to my friend and said, "Watch this..." and I let out a high pitched fake sneeze and instantly all around the room we heard girls calling out, "God Bless you!" We thought it was the funniest thing! We still laugh about it to this day!


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