Monday, April 22, 2013

A-lei We Go

This is one of those posts when I make excuses for not posting. BUT I have an okay excuse this time. You can tell it's legit because it has nothing to do with a Bravo TV show and bad sushi choices.

(Also, I want to take this opportunity to note that the title of this post is such a terrible play on words that it should probably be a nail polish color. I'm thinking something coral that only looks good on people with skin the color of mahogany leather.)

Anyway, for almost a week, we've been in Honolulu for my friend Tara's wedding. It took us awhile to get here, thanks to an American Airlines glitch, but after 27 hours of travel (longer, I feel compelled to point out, than it took us to get to the Philippines last year) we arrived, pale and grungy and still shivering from New York's 40 degree spring temperatures, to this:

I know. Disgusting, right?

Our luggage decided to keep us guessing and went rogue for about a day, but we persevered by purchasing garish new bathing suits and ordering umbrella drinks with names like "Greg Brady's Wipeout."

Both Jeff and I had to work on the trip, so I'm embarrassed to say that we've spent little time on the beach. Sam took in most of the sights from a perch on Jeff's shoulders...

... through his closed eyelids...

...or through the lens of my iPhone camera, as we shamelessly hammed (or, maybe, Spammed, since here in Hawaii they are partial to canned meat product) in our hotel room:

On Friday, Jeff and I celebrated TEN YEARS of togetherness. (We watched Point Break on the floor of the hotel room on my laptop, sharing a set of headphones and a miniature bottle of champagne. So, yeah, preeeettttty classy.)

On Saturday, I watched one of my oldest friends walk down the aisle and ugly-cried into my lei.

For most of the rest of the time, I sat looking out at the ocean while I typed in my oversize "Barack the Vote" tee shirt.

So it hasn't been the most relaxing break. The jet lag is just wearing off in time for our flight home tomorrow. But, hey, I know I'm lucky. Anywhere I get to go with these guys is a pretty sweet deal.



  1. My first thought: "Holy damn, your baby is cute!"

    And I am not a baby person. But seriously, he is cute. And clearly already knows he's got fans across the interwebs.

    1. that's JUST what i was thinking! haha. watch out una, he is going to be a lady-killer! :)

    2. I'd like to triple that sentiment! So cute!

  2. I can't believe how much older your little man looks in these pics! Sitting around in an oversized tshirt is still way more exotic in Hawaii!

  3. I think you should totally get in touch with someone at Sephora about that nail polish.

    Also, your baby is ridiculously cute.

  4. That is a breathtakingly beautiful child.

  5. The picture of Sam taking in the sights from his car seat is identical to one of our daughter enjoying her first visit to Block Island two years ago. Love it! P.S., if work dries up it seems you may have a future working for OPI.

  6. Sam's freaking adorable! And I can totally see your little-kid face in his features.

  7. I'm not into nail polish, but I would so buy that one. However, I'd go with a pale yellow gardenia kinda theme;0


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