Friday, January 11, 2013

The 7 Year Itch

I started this blog seven years ago this month. Seven YEARS. That's almost as long as Lincoln, you guys. (Not that I've seen it. I don't see movies anymore. That kind of fanciness is for people who remember to put on deodorant before they accidentally catch a whiff of themselves while reaching for the peanut M&Ms they hid on the top pantry shelf because one of their New Year's resolutions is to stop eating so much candy and/or things left by their toddler on the living room rug--at the very least the wet things. But I digress.) And for the past few weeks I've felt totally uninspired. You could say "blocked," I guess, but there's no pent-up energy waiting to burst forth. It's more like... apathy.

I know that sounds dramatic, and I'm not quitting the blog or anything. But this blah feeling got me thinking deep thoughts.

Like, how Rudolph Steiner said that every seven years you change. That literally every cell in your body has turned over and you are made up of different matter. That you're a completely different person.

Or how blogs are the ultimate existential crisis. I mean, what better way to affirm your existence than to put your life experience--every mundane detail, or at least everything you're willing to cop to--out into the great Internet void?

I think every blogger reaches a point at which they've said most of what they need to say. You know, that point where stories start getting repeated and tired old jokes get trotted out to keep up the illusion of freshness. For example, in my case, every time I write "y'all," or make a reference to Ryan Gosling or Clive Owen or John Krasinski, or joke about my unibrow, you can tell I'm reaching.

I don't want to go down like that. I don't want to be season 8 of The Office. (And sorry, John, if that's a burn, because I really am sexually attracted to you, that part was not a joke.)

But I also don't want to quit and start again.

This, what you're reading right now, is cell turnover in action. It's itchy. And it's boring. It's definitely not a Marilyn Monroe upskirt shot, and I apologize to anyone who got here under false Google pretenses.

Luckily for me, I have kick-ass readers, and a lot of you gave me suggestions on Facebook for amazing, non-navel-gazey pop culture-based posts. I am so going to write them.

Right after this nap.


  1. congrats on a full blog-cell turnover!! :)

    i'm seriously excited to see what comes next...i really miss your writing, so hopefully more of that? haha.

  2. I've been doing my blog for about six years, and haven't hit the said-all-I-want-to-say point yet ... however, I do need to reprioritize my time, and so will probably be cutting back from daily posts to four-times a week or so. Between the daily news and the parenting adventures and the unibrow (it never gets old), you'll never run out of material. Keep it going!

  3. I wrote a blog post about itchy salads once.
    Anyway, I think the face you've been so successful for seven years is a ringing endorsement of your skills, and those skills will see you through another seven years if you're willing.

  4. Happy anniversary, Una! Here's to another 7 years. (Okay, I've only followed you for three years, but I'm not about to stop.)

  5. i always hate when that happens. it's like, how many times can i write about this part of my life, how many old stories can i dig out that are appropriate blog material? seriously, i'd keep reading if you just trotted out photos of that smushy baby and told us about his poop.

  6. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Congratulations...miss your fashion live blogs for the awards season! I had to read the old posts for a giggle!

  7. There are some days I just think everything has been said, and probably much better than I could. And then I eat a can of frosting.

  8. I've taken breaks but never been able to shut my blog down. Sometimes it feels like a pain in the ass, like being assigned the task of reading Great Expectations and The Scarlet Letter over summer break. And other times it feels like pulling up a chair next to a good friend and owning some seriously pathetic shit. Either way, glad you're plugging away.


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