Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wish I Was Here

But I'm not. Instead I am writing far too much information about various in- and out-holes for reputable newspapers, and, in another, less embarrassing, endeavor, struggling to climb the writing equivalent of The Princess Bride's Cliffs of Insanity.

I will be back soon. But in the meantime, enjoy my Very Sexy Wholesome Nipple-y Family-y Family™.

Only one of us looks good in a hat. Or horizontal stripes. The other two are quietly seething with jealousy.



  1. LOL "Cliffs of insanity" I can relate. BTW I look horrible in stripes of any kind I tend to look like a topographic map of the foothills!
    FTR a little Curmudgeon is better than none at all!

  2. After two children, I decided that I hadn't lost my tight vagina, I had simply gained a purse.

  3. I was referring to your discourse over at The Observer about the ins and outs of holes. No. Really.

  4. dear una,

    you are fucking hilarious! every time i read your work (the 'got milf?' article, for example), i nearly pee myself with laughter. i share it with my boyfriend, who also laughs himself to the washroom, and then i re-read it for jewels to remember and quote when i'm hanging with my ladyfriends.

    thank you from the depths of my heart!! and please do not EVER stop writing! :)


  5. Your faily is really very sexy wholesome :)

    1. Oops,,I mean..
      Your family is really very sexy wholesome :)

  6. Having a happy family is a great blessings from God! Stay Happy!

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