Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gonna Make It... Gonna Make It?

In keeping with the 80s movie/video theme I seem to have settled on for June, here are three clips that encapsulate my current state of mind. I'm totally burned out working on a pretty major project (NOT another baby, thank Jesus--although I'm still waiting on my, ahem, Communist Manifesto to arrive... Hey, Aunt Flo, the last time I saw you was in 2010--are you dead and no one told me?), but hopefully I'll be back to my usual wine-soaked antics soon.

Breakfast Club Dance from Brandon McGhee on Vimeo.


  1. Haha my xwife had our second as a result of antics we had before the first one passed a year. Only once did she let her guard down. As for the 80's I had hardly any TV living the life bohemian.
    Oddly I have never watched 3 amigo's or breakfast club. I just don't fit in damn. @.@

  2. But I dance like that and it's why I don't dance.
    Ferris has been a favorite movie and that scene is hilarious.

  3. Treasure the absence of Aunt Flo. She'll be back to visit soon enough (for me it was around the time my girl was 8 months old). AF's absence is one of the reasons I'm pro-breast feeding.

  4. Thank you for that. I walked out of "The Breakfast Club," roughly the same way Judd Nelson walked home from detention. Long coat. Arm raised in triumph over I don't know what. Finally - a film that defines MY generation! I can't watch it now, even alone, without blushing hard at that dance scene. We all did that. Good stuff.

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Baby turns 13 months next week and nothing yet- yay or breastfeeding!!

  6. Keep up the 80's stuff for me: it just seems the right way to spend summer.

    Psssst... no lie: I had dinner and lunch and dinner with Molly Ringwald last month.

    True story.

    I was in a Moth show, and she was in the same Moth show, and we were together for one brief shining moment...I had Camelot.


  7. All excellent movies. Just remember: FIRE UP.

  8. yes, praying for the return of the wine-soaked antics ;)

    1. They're coming! Right now I'm a coffee-soaked nutcase, which is much less fun.


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