Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Posts In Two Days? PSYCH.

Don't worry, I haven't left Jeff and the baby and escaped with a box of wine to a La Quinta Inn with free wireless. This post is service-y but fun. Like a hilarious prostitute!

The amazing Momma C was interviewed on Babble, dropping her expert knowledge about childbirth. Go learn about whether you can have an orgasm during labor, and why it hurts so effing much (the labor, not the orgasm--which you're not going to have, by the way. Spoiler.)

Also, I've been posting over at Aiming Low (I get paid for it, hence my prolificness [sub-parentheses: Is that a word?], don't hate):

In Defense of Scrooge
Killing My Inner Child, One Christmas List At a Time
How To Fail At Sleep-Training Your Baby
FUPA: The Owner's Manual

You've got to admit it's a nice break from my whining about motherhood, though. Think of this as your own room at La Quinta. You are welcome.


  1. I'm so glad that now you're a mom you can fully understand the La Quinta fantasy.

    It's like that part in Date Night where Tina Fey says that she dreams about going to a hotel, alone, to drink a diet sprite...alone.

    Add in the writing, and it's ALL I WANT TO DO.

    *I'm loving your baby posts, btw. :)

  2. Here you are again. Nice surprise. I came to read the comments as I always get a good giggle from your legion of followers.
    I like Aiming Low. The dad that writes on there is hysterical. As are you, of course.
    When the pangs of motherhood became too much, or more truthfully, when my sisters and I were hyper/fighting, my mother used to take her magazines and go sit in her car in the carport. My sisters and I nervously peeked out the windows, certain that this was the time she was going to take off or have that nervous breakdown we were driving her to.


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