Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deep Thoughts



  1. LMAO, this post was too funny.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. may your 6 figure book deal be contingent upon you crafting sweet Big Tim Riggins fan fic. Sweet, sweet fan fic.

  3. "She was always fucking lazy." <--HA!

    That's hilar.
    I applaud this post.

  4. lol, string together a few inane sentences about life. i'm still amazed that people i don't know actually READ things i write, inane or otherwise.

  5. Ha, yes!

    Yours in total agreement,


  6. I am about to blow all of your minds by actually RESPONDING TO COMMENTS. I know. It's like I suddenly have nothing to do but sit around watching Hulu Plus and waiting for labor to start, which means I have time to have manners again.

    Anyway, thank you! And Beesus: Oh, yes. In keeping with my rip-off theme, my debut novel will be set at Riggins' Rigs, and will involve lots of aspirational sex scenes on the hoods of cars.

  7. This is awesome. And, really, who else is going to cheer on the East Dillon Lions if we don't sit on the couch and do it?

  8. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Hormones! They'll turn your brain to pablum.

  9. Oh, hell! We're all fucking lazy!

  10. where is the goddamn "like" button?!

  11. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Where have you been all my life! You're a riot. I came to your blog via Nancy at "notquiteold." She's in her 40's and I'm in my 60's and she personally recommended your blog as one of the "younger sistas" who is blogging who transcends age. She was right -- I've alreay subscribed.

    As to your note of running out of ideas, it is the reason my blog is a humorist's storytelling site (think a black Bridget Jones marries Chris Rock and has a baby that looks like Whoopi Goldberg). After 63 years, I have screwed up enough things in life or fallen down enough rabbit holes that I can write stories until the end of time and beyond, or at least until the publisher shows up for my book. If I stop, feel free to stamp my blog with a large anacronym (SWAFL). All the best on the arrival of your little one.


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