Friday, July 15, 2011

(Interactive!) Texts From My Sister: The Morning Scoop

Zoe: This morning I walked outside to see a man pooping on 21st Street. He picked it up and threw it away, though... sooo that's good?
Me: Oh my God. But yeah, I guess that's as clean as you can be in that scenario. Why not just shit into a bag though?
Zoe: Word. I'll suggest that the next time I see it.



  1. Your sister walks through some crazy neighborhoods...

  2. at least he cleaned up after himself, most people don't even clean up after their dogs.

  3. I always laugh at the smug look dogs have when their owners are picking up their poop. Maybe he is schizophrenic. Did he give himself a smug look?

  4. Where the heck is your sister living? Seriously! loll

    I love the "word" response! HAAAAAAAAA

  5. Picked it up with what though? Is he now leaving a nasty fingerprint trail down the rest of the street?

  6. I'm going to hope it was the same guy who was drunk and yelling about having to poop last time. The idea that Zoe has run into two different poopers in a month would be too much.
    Really. And I work with crazy everyday.


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