Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Excerpts From My Photo Shoot For Knocked Up And Tractor Pullin' Monthly

 Happy belated 4th!

I'm building a ship in a bottle, people. That crotch seam knows what's up.
I do all my own stunts, like Angelina Jolie.
If you're unknowingly getting sunburned right now, put your hands in the air!
Unborn Child of the Corn.
All photos courtesy of my beloved husband, who, when he wasn't busy eating grilled meats or placing me precariously on farm equipment, built a dam.

Dam, that man is fine. 



  1. Looking great, Una!

  2. Nice pictures

    "placing me precariously on farm equipment: <-- haha

  3. "unborn children of the corn," giggling through my repulsive sniffling (head cold!).

  4. You're not nearly so much of a curmudgeon when you're celebrating your pregnancy. Great photos. ... Hah! My word verification is "angst." I don't see any here!


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