Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiners And Take-Out: A Weekend Well Spent

The Bloggess has a weekly feature she calls "Shit I Did When I Wasn't Here." This is me stealing it.

So, here's what I did over the past few days:

I wrote about the dangers of cell phone crotch shots for Aiming Low.

Doing my best Blake Lively, purely for educational purposes.
I also bemoaned the lack of decent summer television for Weekly Seven magazine.

I sat around while Jeff painted his office and I didn't help at all.

Then I ate a truly horrific amount of cold Chinese noodles with sesame sauce, but I don't have a link to that (and seriously, you should thank me).

Right now I'm up late working on a project for my, you know, "real job" (another thing I do when I'm not here) while someone is kicking me from inside of my body, hence no substantive post today.

Except, no, I'm underselling myself. A nudie pic PSA is totally substantive.

As opposed to cold noodles with sesame sauce.

I mean, seriously, I might as well eat paste.

UPDATE: I also got invited by BlogHer to go on a shopping spree that could win you--yes, you!--gift cards to HomeGoods. Go check it out!


  1. what shower curtain?

  2. You forgot to tell us what it feels like to get kicked from inside! I need an update on that post. Your public demands it.

  3. Have you seen "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" on TLC? You really should check that out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  4. Careful now! Isn't this the same bathroom where you injured yourself whipping your hair back and forth?
    Fun that you're feeling the kicking now. Very cool, right?

  5. I am going to Aiming Low. I can't even comment on anything else I've seen her because I can't tell you how many cell phone crotch shots I've taken and now I found out it's not okay?! I must find out why immediately.


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