Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texts From My Sister: New York Needs More Public Restrooms

There's a drunk person on my street screamin "I gottttta poooop!" hahhhhha
Poor guy. And poor... whoever had to use whatever dive bar bathroom he wandered into after him. (Seriously, only slightly less well-known than "Beer before liquor, never sicker" is "Shit where you quaff, pick up the staph.")


  1. Well this was a fun way to start my day! I enjoy your sister and her text messages a great deal. This is a lame comment. I need to stop. Okay, I'm done. Nice work.

  2. Gah, mine and my sister's text conversations are never this informative. The last conversation we had, we discussed my recent download of an Enya mp3... LAME!

  3. LMAO You and your sister should go on tour, for real! Funniest shit ever, no pun intended! ;)

  4. Santa Barbara shares your plight. I once observed a woman screaming, "Get this sh*t outta my ass!" while lifting her gypsy skirt and assuming a squat position on State Street. Yummaaayyy.


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