Friday, June 17, 2011

The Rain in Brooklain Stays Mainly... In Our Bedroom

Last night it rained in New York--hard.

And normally I love the sound of rain. Except that in this case it sounded especially vivid, like one of those rainforest noise machines (I personally have never wanted to sleep in a rainforest, mostly because of those creepy red-eyed tree frogs that look like they would waste no time chewing off your lips in your sleep).

As my eyes fluttered open around 3 a.m. it dawned on me, like that babysitter urban legend:

The rain is coming from inside the house!

Indeed, I leapt up to find  droplets springing from our windowsill--not through the window, but through the wood. Figuring our upstairs neighbors had left their window open, I called them to complain, but they didn't answer. So I stumbled around gathering towels and mixing bowls, which sort of kept the deluge off the floor.

It's nice to know the water is brown, though, isn't it? Our ceilings must be full of chocolate. 
Jeff was still asleep, so naturally I woke him up and burst into tears so that he would share in my misery. He put on pants, went upstairs to bang on the door (no luck, again, although I know they were up there because I heard them moving around), went outside to have a cigarette*, and promptly fell down the stairs**.

*He's quitting, don't worry. The baby will not grow up in a cloud of Pall Mall smoke.
**Also, he's fine. This story does not end in the hospital. In fact, it ends here, because I am too tired to think. I tried to go back to sleep but then a leak sprung over my pillow--only on my side, of course. Then I curled up at the foot of the bed and had a stress dream about an earthquake, during which all of our neighbors came into our apartment while I was naked. Also, it was still raining inside. Only that part wasn't a dream.


  1. Funny, same type of thing happened to me last night! I woke up to find it raining in my bedroom porch door and the side of the bed all soaking wet. Good thing my dog woke me up whining about it!

  2. Oh man, that sucks! There is nothing worse than a leaky ceiling. I can't even sleep when it rains anymore because of an unfortunate experience with a leaky roof two years ago. I just lay in bed, awake, imagining the sound of drips coming from the other side of my ceiling...which is pretty unlikely since we had a new roof installed to solve the problem.

    I hope the problem is solved soon and you can rest in peace...I mean...sleep. Not die.

  3. I share your pain, having experienced indoor rain in not one but two bedrooms. What is it with leaking roofs that they tend to happen at night and above where we sleep?

    I'm a little grossed out by the brown water though (mine were clear and yellow - ick!)

    Thanks for the photo - stopping in the midst of the mess to capture and then post - that's dedication to your blog!

  4. Poor you! It's pouring rain here today too but luckily it's staying outside for now. Earthquakes and have clearly been traumatized.

    It was probably the brown water that pushed you over the edge.

  5. Oy. Sorry. I currently rent in a two family house. It doesn't leak. It is warm in the winter. I have yet to find wildlife in the living room. Even though we've been here a bunch of years now, I still marvel at it all. Here's hoping that someday you too will wake to a thunderstorm, listen to it a bit, roll over, and go back to sleep. Heaven.
    Good Luck to Jeff. A baby is probably the best reason (ever) to quit, but it's still a tough go.

  6. Poor Eliza. As long as you still have good diction though.


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