Sunday, June 5, 2011

Distressing By-Products of "Nesting," Part Two

...or, Humiliating Artifacts Uncovered Whilst Cleaning Out Future Nursery:

Exhibit A: My bridal shower ribbon hat!

Maternity friendly!
Exhibit B: The business card of one of the two (!) strippers my sister hired for my bachelorette party!

Yes, that's his real name. Yes, that's his real hair. Only one way to find out if that number's still valid!

Exhibit C: My college ID card! (photo taken senior year of high school at a passport studio... and you know my track record with those)

Jeff literally recoiled when I showed him this.

And now for a poll: What should I trash? What should I keep? And what was an exotic dancer doing with an AOL account in 2007?


  1. Ooh! I think you should find a box that you're allowed to fill full of crap to keep, and then whatever doesn't fit gets trashed/donated. That said, you definitely have to keep the stripper business card. It'll easily fit in the box, too.

    Just discovered your blog today (while searching for a picture of Miko, Barbie's friend), and I love it!

  2. Wear the hat to the baby shower to "get one last spin from" and think of hiring the stripper for the baby about a fun shower game!

  3. lose the hat. Never have owned the card and use the id card as your new banner here.

    happy to help.

  4. I feel that you should keep the business card. You just never know. Although that hat could be something during fashion week.

  5. Oh, I think all three of these items should be made into a collage for the baby's room.

  6. I was '08! My jaw dropped when I saw that ID, hahaha. I am not surprised at all that you are a Wes kid.

  7. Time Capsule!

  8. Trash the hat since you probably have pictures of you wearing it at said shower. Keep both cards. Get one of those under the bed containers. I have a couple for stuff pre-baby and stuff post-baby. Get one for the baby too, you'll be wanting to keep all sorts of things for him that you'll eventually have to weed through much like you're doing now. Round and round and round in the circle game, that Joni knew what she was talking about. Word.

  9. I would keep the business card, the ID card & well looks like you have a pic of the hat, which is prolly good enough. I'm all for boxes of junk to dig through later in life - your kid will get a kick out of that stuff some day.

  10. I had a ribbon "bra" for my bridal shower.

    I would chuck it all. But I'm not a packrat.


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