Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tweeting the 5th

Here’s a dirty secret: When something major happens in the news, part of me cringes, even if it’s good. Prop 8, healthcare reform, bin Laden's death... even if I'm glad about it, part of me sighs.


Because I know that my Twitter and Facebook streams will flood with commentary. And because I know that I will have to decide whether to join the fray.

I tend to shy away from politics in my “public” persona on the blog and social media (ahem, the 2008 election notwithstanding… longtime readers will remember that I was—often drunkenly—obsessed with everything Obama from July through November of that year). It’s not that I don’t care, but I’m non-confrontational by nature, and internet pile-ons have never been my thing. I enjoy a good political debate from time to time, but preferably lingering over dinner with a bottle of wine at the ready, and a good buzz already going. Not under the harsh fluorescent lights of my office, caffeine-deprived, exchanging tense 50-character messages with some guy I don’t even know who’s a friend of my friend, has a profile picture of  a bikini-clad dolphin*, and who apparently has no qualms about coming off like a loudmouth asshole to strangers.

*Note: This is not a real descriptor. If this guy actually existed I would totally friend him.

I lean, as Beyonce once sang, “to the left, to the left,” and have a collection of (generally) like-minded friends who tend to express their political opinions freely online. So when Osama bin Laden's death was announced last night, the status updates started pouring in.

They ranged from the celebratory ("I feel like NYC should be drinking and dancing in the street for the next 24 hrs.") to the sincere ("So happy for my president, hopeful for my country, and grateful for all of the servicemen and women who made it happen.") to the jokey ("Osama bin Laden? Nope, Obama been Killin!"; "Hawaiian Black Man Responsible for Death of Homeless Arab Recluse") to the disappointed ("man... i know he was 'evil' and all, but it still creeps me out to see people celebrating the death of another human."). None were offensive, all were valid responses. On some level I agreed with all of them. But I couldn't bring myself to comment, or post my own update, or even click "like."

I wish there was a button for "tacitly agree with the motivation behind this, but do not wish to participate, much like middle-school sports."

But then I feel guilty for not saying anything, as if that act itself says something, the something being "I enjoy posting updates about the sex lives of former Melrose Place cast members and things I have eaten off the floor, but I have no interest in the war on terror."

So, for the record:

Am I glad bin Laden is dead? Yes.

Do I find it kind of disturbing to raucously celebrate a death, regardless of who died? Also, yes.

Am I kind of suspicious about this whole "burial at sea" thing? Yes, captain.

I mean, come on. That's some Days of Our Lives shit. "Who, Brock? Oh, he died. He was, um... buried at sea. That's why there's no body in the casket, only the ashes from when Chastity burned down his condo after she realized he was pretending to be his twin brother, Brett, to get the deed to her diamond mine. Brock always loved the ocean. He even had a birthmark shaped like a seahorse... that's how they knew it was Brett who fell to his death after last year's ice cream social at the cliffs. So, yeah... he's at sea. Definitely not coming back for sweeps. No way."



  1. Perfectly describes how I feel about this whole thing as well.
    And hopefully Brock stays in the sea.


  2. This is a great "non-commentary." Exactly how I feel. I came across this quote yesterday that was all over fb and this was all I posted because I felt like it really summed up my feelings on it:

    “I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr

  3. I feel much the same way. I'm just not into arguing over the internet about something that is basically opinion.

  4. I tacitly agree with the motivation behind this.

  5. I got called out for posting a dream I had rather than the Osama thing. I eventually posted about it, but at the time it was like "Well... what do you say? Good? Way to go?" Shrug. One bad guy is dead. Life goes on as per usual (not to mention we just had a pretty crazy election here, and my mind was on other things)

  6. The thing I found most disturbing was when CNN started projecting who would take Bin Laden's place in the terror network. Like, on to the next high value target...

  7. I've been thinking about this for the past twenty-four hours as I wasn't really sure how I felt. I mean, I knew that I was happy... But I wasn't sure if it was okay to *feel* that way or celebrate the death of another human being regardless how evil he was.

    But in the end and after much delibaration I just feel it in my bones, I'm glad. Not ashamed to say it. And I hope he rots in hell.

    It is what it is .... For once karma actually came back to those who deserved it the most. I didn't join in on Twitter or Facebook debates either (so don't feel bad). That usually leads to drama for me anyway.

  8. Although I am on the right, I agree with you here.

  9. I completely agree with this post. I even delete things that friends write on my wall if I think it will lead to a political discussion. It's just not the place for it, it's the place for discussing the sex lives of former Melrose Place cast members and things I have eaten off the floor :)

  10. I like this but am left with a longing for a friend who has a bikini clad dolphin as his profile pic.

  11. Anonymous11:11 AM


  12. I fully concur. Move along, people. New topic.

  13. Anonymous11:33 AM

    1) Osama...Check!
    2) Waldo...still searching...
    3) Beef....still searching...

  14. I agree. I didn't comment one way or the other, I refrained from commenting on others posts as well. I dislike discussing politics with most people as it's a subject that gets everyone riled up and I've no desire to participate in an online free-for-all because of it.
    Either way, I don't think there's a lot to celebrate. He's merely a symbol at this point, the wars will keep going, someone will take his place whether we like it or not.

  15. Best I heard was Obama bins Laden.

    It is an odd and confusing world we live in, but I do think it needed to be rid of that particular man.

  16. Oh hello there like-minded soul. I'm glad we are on the same page about things. I have felt guilt ever since Sunday night for saying nothing at all and not "liking" and ...everything. I wish I could just post your post as my words exactly ;)

    (p.s. haha at the "tacitly agree with the motivation behind this, but do not wish to participate, much like middle-school sports." I'll be clicking that one a lot when it happens!

  17. OMG. Yes. Yes. Yes.That is exactly how I feel,but in my social network, I feel I am on the outs. I liked Obama and EVERYONE I am related to and are friends with oppose that, so the statuses were not exactly nice.

    I just nodded and scrolled up to my dear friend's status about being in a family of doctors and not being able to find a bandage in her home and liked her status.

  18. Thank you for expressing the exact way that I feel about this. It is so difficult to align yourself with some of the crazy opinions out there without feeling like you are betraying your better sensibilities. Victories like this are experiences that are unique to each life that they touch. Individuals should not be afraid to express their opinion no matter what they may be, but they also reserve the right to withold them.

  19. You have a certain knack of expressing my exact feelings in a much more witty way than I could ever manage.

  20. Kristin4:27 PM

    So my fav bachelor contestant (Ashley Spivey) just tweeted about her fav blogger (you) and I was all like 'HEY she's MY fav blogger not YOURS' but then I was like.. 'well, that's cool. we can share una.' and now I'm like 'hm. small world. my bff una must know this'.

    ....I promise I'm not crazy :)

  21. I agree. And I have seen some ridiculous statuses lately. A lot of people I know lean to the right and are still going on about Obama being from Africa. I just had to walk away from the computer, because if I had commented back it would not be pretty.

    P.S. My word verification was mistab...which is what I would like to do to some of my supposed friends and relatives right now.

  22. This is exactly how I feel, and I'm so glad you put it into words.

  23. Lou Briccant6:37 PM

    I don't blame you for avoiding politics as I attempt to do the same. Politics is like the Greek language, I'm *told* it makes sense, but I harbor some serious doubts.

  24. Suspicious of the burial at sea thing? ...thats some crazy tea party shit. They had to do it because Islamic law requires that the body be buried within 24 hours of death, no country would take the body, and giving him a grave on land would create a shrine for followers.

    But here's a great quote that apparently Mark Twain didn't actually say, but is still apropos: "I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure."

  25. i agree with this. i don't relish the idea of celebrating the killing of any person. all the drinking and partying and ridiculous commentary on my facebook/twitter was pretty distasteful.

    however, re: burial at sea, bin laden's home country of saudi arabia refused to let him be buried there. a burial at sea was basically the next step in upholding the burial traditions of islam.

  26. Thank you!!!!!

  27. Anonymous6:37 AM

    I concur, Sassy. Well said.

  28. I agree (although I'm more of a "middle ground" girl than right or left). It's a good thing that bin Laden's gone, but I feel a bit icky when I hear of people dancing in the streets over the death of another human being.

    I do love those Navy SEALs though...

  29. Oh, hai, can we pretty please create the "tacitly agree with the motivation behind this, but do not wish to participate, much like middle-school sports." button? Because that would be perfect. KThxBye.

  30. Dude. The bin Laden thing almost pushed me over the edge as far as facebook is concerned. I am just one major world event away from deleting that shit so I never have to look at another update from my conservative Christian family members ... ever ... again.


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