Friday, April 29, 2011

TGI...WTF? It's A Nice Day For A... Royal Wedding!

I'm not really that into the royal wedding. I mean, don't get me wrong--I'm glad they're doing it, especially since, while Kate may be able to wait, William's hairline clearly cannot. And from what I can tell so far, the Queen looked like a delicious stick of Land O' Lakes, which is how I want to remember her always.

So, yeah, I'm not doing much in the way of celebrating today. I'm probably just going to paint my nails...

It's like wearing ten hugs!
Have some tea...

They should totally make Jersey Shore versions of these. Then your Early Grey could taste just like that syphilitic hot tub!
And eat some cake.

(This was originally one of those creepy Twilight cakes made by the types of people who sell uteruses made out of felt on Etsy, I think, but rub off the glitter and slap on a veil and, voila!)

(Also, is it wrong that I want to just lop off the top of Wills' head just to see what it looks like inside? I really, really hope it's red velvet.)

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  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Hah! "a stick of Land o' Lakes" I will chuckle all day about that one.

  2. Oy vey! Those Brits are crazy! Actually, the daily show has had some pretty funny coverage of this kind of stuff...

  3. Geordie Shore Tea Bags will no doubt create the same effect. At least now we aren't the only country to bear the same and humiliation.

  4. I kinda love those tea bags. I mean if you're going to have some stupid memorabilia those are brilliant!

  5. Oh Sassy ... butter makes everything better! I would love to hear your take on some of the hats worn at the wedding. I missed the fashion memo about wearing hats stuck on your forehead! Beatrice, Eugenie (perhaps with Fergie's Royal F*%# you influence) - - and Victoria B. leading the charge.

  6. I totally clicked that link and I haven't had coffee or anything yet. Gross.

  7. I thought if you cut Willsie's head off it would be blue inside. Blue blooded (is that a word) and such.

    Those nails are ghetto fab! I want some with Snookie's face on 'em.

  8. Land O'Lakes--nice. I also liked this comparison:

    (ssssssomeboy sssstop her!)

    (btw, I loved your poignant-yet-funny post yesterday but am too lazy to backtrack my way over there to comment. congrats on the sassy curmidget)

  9. today I was channeling your sassyness as I watched the proceedings - and just couldn't hold back on some fashion commentary on the guests themselves. I posted some on my own blog if you care to stop by. But be warned - my commentary is no where as near as funny as yours normally is!

  10. Don't forget about getting your teeth tattooed:

  11. That cake is giving me the heebie-jeebies, but at least it is far more tasteful than those highly inappropriate royal condoms that are now flying off the shelves. People will buy just about anything. Speaking of which, I'd better carry on with ordering my Will and Kate refrigerator. It is a lovely stainless steel model complete with their faces plastered across the front. Cheerio!

  12. Why is Bella's womb furry inside? I know nothing about Twilight but I know what human uteri are supposed to look like!

  13. The number one wedding souvenirs were gnomes! Regular bride and groom gnomes with union jack hats... Very inaccurate gnomes... loosely based on this wedding... Do the Brits even have yards to put the gnomes in?


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