Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Gift Card That Keeps on Giving

I got a ton of gifts yesterday. I got an iPad (Ahhhh! You may now place bets on how long it will take for me to drop it and/or christen it with yogurt), a Shake Weight, earrings, a prenatal yoga class card, some sweet maternity clothes,  roses, and a jumbo Tootsie Roll, the kind that looks like one really boss Lincoln Log.

So now I'd like to give you a gift--that's right, it's time for another sponsored giveaway post! Last time it was all about frozen breakfast food, but you'll be happy to know that I've classed it up and am now doling out a $100 Spa Finder gift card courtesy of Olay. (Baby needs a new pair of shoes, y'all. Don't judge.)

I had to run the promotion on ad ad-free page, so I created a new reviews-only blog. You can find the post here. Good luck!

P.S. If it were up to me, I would give all of you a spa day. We'd go to one of those giant Korean bath houses in Queens and take a big communal soak, and it would not be weird at all, and then I would treat you to my karaoke rendition of "Nobody Does It Better" while handing out free smoothies.


  1. And I would quite possibly fly over to attend that giant spa day... Opportunities like that do not come along too often.

  2. Jordan12:48 PM

    Wow, sounds like a great birthday!

    Here is my virtual birthday gift to you:
    1. Jean undies for you (

    2. and for the baby (

    You are welcome.

  3. Oh how I wish it were up to you! Ha!

    Totally jealous about the iPad. Will you write about how it changed your life when it inevitably does?

  4. I truly adore the way your brain works. Let's soak it out. You're right - it wouldn't be weird at all. Um, what type of smoothie? Not that I'm picky or anything, I just want to plan my daily fruit intake accordingly :-P

  5. Re: Korean Bath House + Sassy Karaoke + Smoothies

    I want to go to there.

  6. Nice gifting! Glad to hear how well you made out. I think I'd become addicted to an ipad.
    I bet we'd make a great flash mob. That might be fun if the communal soak doesn't work out.

  7. sounds like a solid birthday. and i don't mind you selling out if it gives me a chance to win free stuff :)

  8. I will only attend the bathhouse if you wear the Princess Leia twisty towel head thing. Just sayin'.

  9. Can't you just give it to me? I'm also preggers (13 weeks along) and could soo use a spa day.

    Congrats on expecting your 1st bundle of joy (this is my 1st also)!!!

    I want an iPad, just thought I'd throw that in there. Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh my gosh! You make me miss the Onsens in Japan!
    Good luck with the iPad. I have an iTouch and that poor thing really needs some techno-therapy after all the times he's nearly died.
    Glad you had a sweet haul.


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