Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nobody's Erfect

I took this photo back in October, and have had it on my desktop ever since. It serves as a reminder that nobody's perfect, not even people whose job it is to put up signs spelling the word 'perfect.'

I've needed the reminder recently, because thanks to a busy work schedule and a new project that's taking up a lot of my time (and which I'll be able to tell you about soon), I often feel like an inadequate blogger. Sometimes it feels like I've just run out of things to say, and then I'm reduced to writing about shoe trees and my own butt, and even though I'm lucky enough to have readers who actually express interest in seeing a photo of my newly reorganized shoe tree (oh, and at this point I should reveal that it's actually one of those hanging canvas sleeve things, not a true shoe tree--I know, I'm a charlatan!) I still worry about letting you down.


Nobody is erfect. Not me, not you, not the person who decided to put a safety cone at the bottom of a ladder (like that's going to stop me someone from trying to climb it). Definitely not the person who copy-edited this tee-shirt:

If your labia look like that, see your gynecologist.
(Jeff wanted me to caption this, "Loose lips sink ships." HA.)
So, yeah, I may not have a ton of inspiration this week, but at least my labia haven't freed themselves. God only knows what a NATO intervention would do down there.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! This life lesson post took the greatest turn into true hilarity! Love it! Thanks again for getting my day off to a great start!

  2. you may have misread that tshirt. i don't think it's about freeing labia as a verb, I assume that man has an extra, and is offering it to you for free.

  3. blogging cervix should be restored as soon as possible

  4. I love you for using the word charlatan. You're #winning.

    Also... I want that t-shirt. Bad.

  5. haha! Free Labia... now isn't that every man's dream...

  6. You're not an inadequate blogger, you're very entertaining...even when writing about shoe trees! lol

  7. Anonymous5:20 PM

    jeff gets 50 amazing points for "lose lips sink ships".. it's genius has left me speechless.

  8. I need the reminder too and even a lesson in how it's erfectly fine not to be perfect. I tend to should on myself daily.
    Yesterday, in my comment here, I wrote draw instead of drawer. I have a long list of other shit I didn't do right.
    My labia haven't freed themselves either, so I guess today isn't a total loss.

  9. You and me both. Between working full time, being pregnant full time and trying to plan the next steps in our lives, it's impossible for me to find to blog anymore. Best of luck to you, and can't wait to hear about the new project!

  10. Stated4all9:21 PM

    Once you free one labia, they will all want it!


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