Monday, March 21, 2011

Michael Jackson Lyrics For Lazy Couples

(Sung to the tune of "Rock With You." Invented by me and Jeff while preparing dinner, after watching too many clips of Jimmy Fallon impersonating famous singers on YouTube...)

Female part*:
*Same-sex couples, please forgive the presumption, and change gender references accordingly

Boy, close your eyes
Let that Slanket cover you
Don't try to fight it
30 Rock is on Hulu

Relax your mind
Lay back and pour me some wine
You got to rub my feet
While I go pick a boogie
Share that Haagen Dazs

I wanna chillax with you all night
Drool on you till sunlight
I wanna spoon with you all night
We're gonna sleep the night away

Male part*:
*See above

Leave those socks on the floor
There ain't nobody there but us
Girl, in those sweats
There's a magic that must be love

Just take it slow
'Cause we got so many episodes of this show
I'ma rub your feet
But I think you have a boogie
Share that Slanket of love

I wanna nap with you all night
Spoon you into the sunlight
I wanna laze with you all night
We gon' 30 Rock the night away



  1. Genius. All you need is a YouTube video now.

  2. "Slanket of love" romantical.
    Your loving duet almost makes me want to go find my own someone to share boogies and Haagen Daz with.

  3. I think that you and your husband might actually BE some kind of parallel universe version of my wife and I.

    The only difference is that with us, it would be the Office, with a Snuggie of love.

    And we'd both be picking boogies.

  4. this oozes viral. lots and lots of viral. run with it.

  5. You really do need to make a video for YouTube - you know, cross-media promotion and all that. And now I'm going to watch some Jimmy Fallon clips. I love him.

  6. With us, it's GLEE. Because I am a Broadway Diva. And we don't do too many boogies here in the south, but at our age we are pretty gassy.

  7. Meredith4:43 PM

    This is hilarious!! Rock With You is my husband's favorite MJ song and he literally runs to the dance floor whenever it comes on at a wedding. Thanks for the laughs!


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