Friday, December 3, 2010

TGI...WTF? Unlucky Ch'Arms

I almost want to present this without comment, except for the following keywords/phrases:

Kathy Najimy
Spanx for your arms
(No really, that is what they're called.)

My final keyword is "quadraboob."

This doesn't even belong in Veronica's Closet, y'all. And Kirstie Alley made some unfortunate style choices on that show.

P.S.:  Kristie Lynne and Stated4all, I need to send you your pagan mix CDs! Email me with your addresses!


  1. fine choices for reducing your Bingo Wings ladies - frankly I'm all for it :-D

  2. Wow, HSN is getting to be a little risque with that second pic, right?

    LOL to this post! I was seriously thinking the same thing when I saw the 2 pictures side by side; looks the same size to me too.

    Also, because I'm clearly slow, I could not figure out how to say "Ch'Arms" at first, just so you know. Then I sounded it out. LOL

  3. It's wrong that I kind of want this, right?

  4. While this is AMAZINGLY funny and unnecessary, I would just like to point out that Kirstie Alley has made a bevy of unfortunate choices regarding style in life, not just on Veronica's Closet. That is all.

  5. "Ch’Arms by Kathy Najimy transform party dresses into office-appropriate attire, and they get more mileage out of spring and summer wardrobes by adding an extra layer when temperatures start dropping." - From the HSN website

    I just don't understand. Couldn't you just wear a regular, non-quadraboob forming, long-sleeve t-shirt? Or say...a cardigan? Especially when these Ch'Arms don't actually appear to change the look of your arms at all??

    I'm pretty sure putting a shelf under my boobs would be awkward and uncomfortable all day - it's just asking to get twisted and migrate up under your bra.

    I watch Hocus Pocus every Halloween, and Kathy, if you read this, I am thoroughly disappointed in you.

  6. ch'arming...and I love the term, bingo arms....I think the plastic mummy look will be all the rage when the bingo ladies see this .....

  7. I'm assuming it actually extracts fat from your brain and injects it into your boobies... ch'arming.

    I'm hoping that there is one for the fellas that surrounds your wang and makes it look infinitely bigger.

  8. Quadraboob. That's all yo needed to say. It looks seriously uncomfortable.

  9. haha. Quadraboobie!!!! all too familiar with the quadraboobie. (i reaaaaalllllllly hate bra shopping).... while i was pregnant.... because i knew my boobs were going to shrink and shrivel up anyway....

  10. *sigh*
    I am convinced there are no good sucky-inny garments. They all give you the equivalent of the quadraboob. It makes me recall my unwise choice of wedding dress fabric and the way my belly button appeared in each photo like a dark, evil vortex.

  11. I can't stand anything that squishes me in. I end up with gas pains. It ain't pretty.

  12. Michelle5:21 PM

    Wow. I am not sure I love or hate this idea. Holy WWTD? What would Tim (Gunn) do?

  13. ok, wait a second...I went to website to check out what these are. They aren't exactly Spanx for your arms, there's no mention of shaping your arms although some are made of Spandex. So look, you have a cute v-neck or scoop neck short sleeved something that you can't put a conventional long sleeve t-shirt (like Hanes or something)under because it would ruin the neckline. So, you use this (dumb) thing and still have your beautiful neckline but sleeves to keep you warm. Apparently you also have bunching under your bra making it seem like you have boob-chub squeezing out. It's really stupid and selling out.
    I'm also disappointed in Mary Sanderson. wv is urrack...hahahahahha

  14. stated4all10:37 PM

    Dearest Sassy,
    OMG You made my day. After being told I need to squeeze about a million more appointments into my overworked next few years, I check your blog to find out I AM GETTING YOUR CHRISTMAS MIX CD.....that deserves another glass of wine tonight!

    The only rain on the parade (best sung by Babs of course) I am not sure how to email you. I will risk it all and put it here....
    Long time reader...only occassional commenter, but luv ya!

  15. What are 2 boobs squared?
    We are so stupid as a lifeform!

  16. I was wrong. HSN and Kathy are actually advertising the ones made of Spandex as a garment that will offer "control" for your arms and your stomach.
    The description says:
    "Easily conceal your arms under almost any garment while revealing a more incredible you."
    I'm amused to picture of a bunch of women concealing their arms under their garments as a fashion statement.

  17. Hey so I won the giveaway but I don't have Outlook and that's what your e-mail link defaults to. What is your e-mail?

  18. Why not just wear a long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt? Same "illusion" with out the quadraboob. People will buy anything in the name of beauty won't they?

  19. quadraboob... my new favorite word

  20. Kristie Lynne: It's

    Send me your address!

  21. Awesome! Isn't a quadraboob technically an udder?


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