Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skip To My Lou

The name on my Starbucks latte today read "Lou."

I find this very exciting. Usually it says "Yuna," which sounds like a bowel-stimulating yogurt.

Also, our next-door neighbor in Texas used to call me "Una Lou." She was young, with long hair and what I remember to be perpetually bare feet. I never had a real nickname, so I relished it.


A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, the name of a tomboy who stashes her tumbling curls inside a jaunty cap.

I think I'll be Lou today.

The only question is, which Lou? Lou Gehrig? Lou Diamond Phillips? Lou Ferrigno? Lou Rawls?

The possibilities are endless.


  1. Lou Grant, obviously

  2. Or Mario's mate - Lou-igi?

    just a thought

  3. My husband looks like Lou Diamond Phillips, so people used to call him Lou. He hated it, though.

    How often do you go to that Starbucks? I'm surprised they don't remember your name by now--it is a very memorable name. :)

  4. Poor Lou is probably out there drinking his latte right now and wondering who the f*ck is Una and why is her name on his Starbucks cup...

  5. I was Jennie Lou in college just because someone knew someone named Jennie Lou. I started calling everyone else Lou too so it remains a byword with all my college friends.

    SaId whimsically it can reflect sadness. "Looooooou." Shouted across the street it can reflect joy at meeting. LOU!" After a walk of shame it can be spoken with wiggly eyebrows and discreet grins "Lou-ou-ou-ou." Its' an all-purpose nickname.


  6. Just read your link about not having a nickname, and I know how you feel! Wanna hear something funny? My name is Rawan (pronounced "Row-Juan", so my ex in high school used to call me "The Wan" (or Rawan-a-thon, because he wanted a whole day dedicated to me) Also it was around the time the Matrix trilogy was all the rage so...

    But oh the list of names I have been called; Roweena, Row-anne, Rowayne, Rawanda, and my all time fav, Roll-on (yes, my professor spent the whole semester thinking my name was "like the roll-on deodorant" done with the whole rolling on deodorant demonstration in front of the whole class) *sigh*

  7. Assuming he thought you said Luna, why would he throw the 'o' in there?

    Lou sound like it would be the name of the scary lady that everyone in town avoids.

    "There goes ol' Lou, up to her crazy ol' tricks again."

  8. The temptation to register a Google account with the name Lou Skip and post B!TCH YOU STOLE MY COFFEE is strong but fading fast. Ahh yes, there it goes.

    I freakin love this blog. I am continually (and privately) rating the females in my life on how curmudgeoney they are.

  9. MY nickname is Lou! When people call me that, it makes me feel either like a rugged lesbian or one of those celebrity babies that can wear high heels better than I can, depending on the day.

  10. My last name used to be Lou (my exhusband's last name). It was too much like a middle name so I got "Cheri Lou who?" all the time.

    People also called me Cindy - huh? Took me a while to figure out they were thinking of the little girl in the Grinch - Cindy Lou Who.

  11. Sorry, off topic... but this is a blog post waiting to happen:

    love your writing!

  12. I feel the same way about being called Andie.. it's cute and kind of quirky. When I want to be grown up, it's Andrea, but the rest of the time, I'm Andie.

    I would pick Lou Reed, myself and have A Perfect Day. nyuk nyuk.

    (yes, I know the obvious joke is 'pick Lou Reed and Take a Walk on the Wild Side' but that seemed too easy)

  13. start twitching uncontrollably and be "lou-na tic."

  14. I Skip to my Lou every day...if Lou = Una.

  15. Una, you are so awesome! Just caught up on your blog as I have been to the land of Disney...
    Thanks for the laughs!

  16. Don't be Lou Holtz. Although he is most definitely a curmudgeon, there is nothing sassy about him. He pisses me off at least once a week, and he's one of those people who makes you wonder "Damn, aren't you old enough that you should just be dead already?"

  17. I am very surprised that you aren't one of these people that give the barristas a fake "coffee" name. I am one such person, and often go by Tallulah, because it's fun to see them try to spell it. It did backfire the first time though, when the clever girl asked me to spell it for her and I completely blanked, spelled it wrong, and she said,"That doesn't spell Tallulah does it?" I replied,"No, but I thought I'd make it easy for you."

  18. you could be me Amylou??? lol yes thats my name


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