Sunday, December 5, 2010

PB Loves J

So Robin Plemmons has appeared on this blog before -- I've featured her greeting card dick jokes and she wrote a hilarious guest blog for me in October. But I'm not quite done singing this woman's praises.

Robin makes delightfully uncouth crafts which she sells on Etsy, and after Twitter-flirting with her for many moons I finally gave her my credit card information. Here is what I bought:

Jeff calls me PB. It does not stand for peanut butter, but rather something far more nefarious that you would probably not want to spread on a cracker.

It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for Jeff, but since I suffer from a serious medical condition known as premature unwrapulation, I gave it to him right away. It now hangs in a place of honor, right next to the bathroom, which is I'm sure how Robin would have wanted it.


Robin also gave me some amazing gifts, packed in a lovely shoebox that once housed some charming house frau clogs. Like this block of awesome (no, really, that is its official name):

Along with some whorish Hallmark cards and a Twitter ornament!

We haven't gotten our tree (whom I have pre-named Firdinand) yet, but I'm sure he'll appreciate an ornament made of his own flesh.

There are just 19 shopping days left until Jesus' fake birthday, people, so if there is anyone in your life who would appreciate a tender acrylic painting of boxer briefs, tell Santa to get his rosy red ass over to Robin's store, stat.

P.S. I have not abandoned Curmudgeon of the Week! There's one coming up and I'm working my way through the list. Not that you asked, but because I'm defensive. 


  1. That was a side-splitter of a post! I loved the "shut up and do me" card. You have to come clean with the true meaning of PB for you...ya know, in the spirit of the season of giving. Give it up!

  2. Cute stuff! I can't wait to go raid her store for Christmas gifts for my sisters!

  3. Those are awesome gifts!! I also have a problem with waiting until the actual holiday to give the person my present. It's just too exciting to keep it a secret!

  4. Off to Robin's store right now! Now I know what to get my "man who has everything" -- I mean, other than sex, of course.

  5. Chuck -- the answer to the riddle is contained in the link to my "What's In A Name" post!

    Tsaritsa -- I suck at waiting. I have to spend so much more money than I originally would have just to replace presents I jump the gun on.

    Sherry -- Hahaha, yes, Robin's wares are very man-friendly. Jeff particularly likes a card that reads, "If you don't want people calling you that then you shouldn't bang their mothers."

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I also suffer from premature unwrapulation.

  7. haha this made my night just now.

  8. lol, "Shut up and do me" - what a great card! I'd send that to everyone I know...even those who'd wish they didn't.


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