Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Sassy Curmudgeon's Holiday Gift Guide: Special Blogger Edition

(Let's try this again...)

New Yorker cartoon print: very expensive
Stealing Jpeg from Google image search: FREE
Shopping is fun!

The holidays are a great time for stereotyping. Every year by mid-November, we’re inundated with gift ideas for that special -- albeit cookie-cutter -- someone. Dads are allowed to be into either gadgets or golf; Moms, fashion or food. Does your partner appreciate scarves or wine stoppers made from twigs and berries? If not, good luck and Godspeed. Have fun sucker-punching strangers over the last iPad at Best Buy.

Bloggers, of course, are treated no differently. Since we need so few tools -- (Computer? Check. Free time? Um. Willpower? Sigh.) -- all gift ideas inevitably involve external hard drives, coffee-makers, or those carpal tunnel squeeze balls that look and feel like a single, giant testicle.

I came up with eight genius--if occasionally imaginary--gift ideas for BlogHer's 2010 Gift Guide. Read them here.


  1. I had one of those giant testicle carpal tunnel balls, and my male co-workers did blasphemous things to it. Good thing I like perversion, and too bad the testicle popped and oozed play sand all over the office.

  2. I quite fancy an egg cup in the shape of a racing car. I have my fingers crossed and have dropped several hints to my wife - you never know?


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