Monday, November 29, 2010

The Naked and the Fed


I am so full, you guys.

Thanksgiving, for me, is just the beginning of a weekend-long food bender. I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and so once I've eaten my own weight in crescent rolls I figure I might as well stuff my pie-hole with anything remotely edible until I pass out or can no longer button my pants, whichever comes first. Cheese, bread, spaghetti and meatballs, pancakes, pulled pork quesadillas, babaganoush, warm gingerbread with vanilla ice cream--nothing is safe once I'm in the dark, savory recesses of my K-cal hole. Especially not my triglycerides.

Seeing as I've just emerged from my food coma, I don't have much blog fodder except to list everything I've consumed since Thursday (see above). Well, except... my sister did sent me a photo yesterday of myself at age 3, standing naked in front of a Christmas tree and pinching my nipples, but I can't post it here or I might get investigated for child pornography. (As it is anyone who sees my laptop screen-saver is going to have some serious questions.)

On the upside, though, I think Jeff and I have our Christmas card concept.


  1. a great post, as always!
    I enjoy reading your blog frequently.

  2. You are bound to get some interesting search hit terms now that you've typed "child pornography" in your post!

    I hate how careful you have to be with naked toddler pictures these days. I have the cutest photo of my kid climbing the walls naked, and I can't post it up anywhere--my fear is too great. I did make a birthday card out of it for my grandma, though, using a clever play on the word "birthday suit". Hopefully none of the nurses at the old folks home turn me in. :-/

  3. totally did NOT see the nipple pinching coming!!

  4. Hope the food coma was enjoyable. Sounds tasty.

    Or, according to Fergie, tastey.

    Just say no! to child pornography!

  5. Oh god, you know that's exactly what would happen if you posted that photo. People are creeps on the internet.

    Glad you had a good holiday. LOLing at k-cal hole haha

  6. It must not be very hard to eat your weight in anything!

    Otherwise, yes - I had so much trouble being creative after stuffing myself.

  7. HAHAHAHA! Be careful with that naked nipple pinching pic! That would be hilarious if you put it on a Christmas card though. Glad you got enough to eat!

  8. pulled pork quesadillas?
    Oh man! that sounds good...

  9. I love that it's your screensaver.
    And TB, I love your birthday suit card.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you both.

  10. I supose suggesting you re enact the photo now, in order to reduce the police involvement, would just sound wronger than the initial problem? ah well..


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