Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Last Unibrow?

Have you guys ever seen the trippy, unsettling 80s cartoon (is there any other kind?) The Last Unicorn? Well, replace the horn with some excess facial hair and you have the story of my life. "Am I really the last?" I often sigh in the voice of Mia Farrow, gazing out at pastoral scenes, clutching my tweezers.

Anyway, a few months ago, I wondered where my unibrowed sisters were--if they even existed--and thanks to a tip from a reader, I think I found them.

I want to go to there. Road trip?

(We might have to pass through Afghanistan, but I'll buy the McRibs.)


  1. Here in my city, the majority of the population is Indian..

    But I wanted to mention that last week I saw an Indian lady who had nicely shaped eyebrows.. or should I say eyebrow. They looked pretty and threaded, but she kept the unibrow! It was so strange. Haven't seen that before. :)

  2. They must not know anything about sales in Tajikistan. The girl peddling the unibrow enhancing herb has two very distinct arches, not one!

  3. When I saw the lady in the picture at first I thought she was Frida Kahlo or someone impersonating her. Sounds like that Usma stuff could be used instead of rogaine, the only problem - the darkness of the hair say if a blondie tried using it. Too funny!

  4. The soundtrack to the last Unicorn is MINDBLOWING.

    The eighties were a good time, when thick eyebrows on a woman were not only acceptable, but often applauded. Just look at Brooke Shields.

    You think Bert is from Tajikistan? You know, of Bert and Ernie?

  5. FRIDA KAHLO!!! Most gorgeous of all possible unibrows! AND a lady moustache!

  6. Aww, The Last Unicorn is GREAT! Okay, the movie IS kind of creepy. But the book is fabulous.

    Every culture has standards of beauty that could be considered "bizarre" in other cultures. Live and let live, I say.

    Plus, think of all the money you'll save on waxing!

  7. I'm a unibrow sister! Tweezers are my friend. Unfortunatly,my daughter has inherited it too...is 5 too early to start waxing???

  8. Girlllll, I been told you I was a unibrow wearer, too. Except I have to tweeze mine every few days, but if I let it go a week it will be back in full glory. Oh yes!

  9. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I thought you would like that. : )

  10. Fortunately I have two sons with unibrows...instead of daughters. They get away with it nicely. The double standard raises its hairy head again.

  11. You had me at McRibs...albeit, that was the end of the post, still...


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