Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Whip My Hair

So Willow Smith, the progeny of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, whips her hair in a catchy new single, the video for which recalls Pearl Jam's Jeremy, had he used his weave to splatter paint on his classmates instead of dousing them in his own blood.


I also whip my hair. I have really long, wavy/curly locks that tend to lie flat against my scalp unless I engage in a morning ritual involving a mosh pit-like snapping of my neck.

I bet Willow Smith never whacked her head against her bathroom cabinet door, though.

I should totally call in sick.


  1. Hahaha! I love it when things like that happen. For instance, I was walking by a guy the other day, and he kind of smiled at me and winked. So I decided to "shake it" a little, and promptly stepped off the curb sideways and tripped a little. SMOOTH MOVE!

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Oh, I feel for you! I once smacked my forehead on the claw foot tub while bending over to wrap my wet hair in a towel turban. Ouch!

  3. I'm annoyed that a nine-year old has a record deal for so many reasons. This kind of thing never turns out well. You would think that two celebrities would want to protect their kids from fame at least until they're old enough to drive or vote.

    Also, that video gives me a headache.

    Hm. Who's the curmudgeon today?

  4. The video is amazing. Never have I seen a 10-year-old rock so many different weaves.

    Thanks for pointing out Willow Smith's profound contribution to the importance of hair in our time!

  5. Two words immediately come to mind. Precocious and Chiropractor.

  6. that video pisses me off SOOO much. not that willow isn't talented, she is. i suspect it might be the fact that my asshole roommate keeps listening to it over and over at full volume.

    anyways, i hope your head feels better!

  7. Wow! That's her father's daughter, huh?

    Anyway, don't feel bad. I've wacked my head on the actual sink basin doing the hair flip and -sadly- I've done it more than once.

  8. I love that song.

    Don't judge. lol. That little kid is like a robot or something. She sort of scares me.

  9. I once broke my tooth walking into a refrigerator door. I think whipping my hair is far beyond the scope of my capabilities!

  10. I got bangs in high school once after attempting to weigh myself and looking down at the scale--I then hit my head on the towel rack that had been in the same place for like 15 years.

    She was on Ellen yesterday. I was fascinated and annoyed all in one.

  11. FTW.

    Once, in high school, I had to cut bangs to hide a perfectly square bruise in the middle of my forehead.

    How did I get it?

    I tripped and fell into a light switch. TWICE.

    While not an injury sustained in hair-doing, it nonetheless combines "hair" and "injury."

  12. I whipped my hair(forward, backward method), stumbled backwards, grabbed the shower curtain, and got klunked on the head by the falling tension curtain rod.
    I don't remember, but I might have stayed home. I usually take those early morning signs seriously.

  13. I once threw my back out while whipping my hair getting ready to go camping for a week. Then I was stuck in a pop-up trailer while the rest of my family went swimming.

  14. Whip is like Willow, flip it like Bieber. Nuff said, YO!

  15. I think I've got you beat. I toss and turn and move and talk and sing in my sleep. During college, I was in a bunkbend situation with a dorm-mate. I have the bottom bunk. Apparently I wrapped my arms around my body pillow in an ardent, sleepy embrace. My arms were asleep. I half awoke and couldn't figure out where I was and tried to feel the wall beside me. I couldn't feel it, and promptly sat forward, ramming my head into the wall. The last thing I remember was laughing stupidly and passing out, waking the next day for classes. It turns out I had an ugly concussion. And I had to tell the hot triage nurse at the hospital how I did it. Embarassing.

  16. Ehh, I think i'll stick with Pearl Jam, blood and all, thanks.

    That being said, my best story is getting ready to go to a wedding, looking all hot and classy and I go to put the gift in the back seat of the car and promptly open the car door right into my face, leaving a lovely bruise right now the middle of my forehead.


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