Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guest Post: Husbands and Sister-Wives

Meet Annie of [clever title]. I've actually known Annie since I was eight years old. Her older brother went to elementary school with me and I was secretly in love with him even though I mostly publicly shunned him, except for this one time I let him kiss my ear (he was going for the face but I turned at the last second, giving him a mouthful of hair. Playing hard to get <---I rock at it.)


I'm in Italy right now, probably drunk and breaking Jeff's camera trying to take photos of bidets, so I should stop cock-blocking other people's guest posts with my yammering. Andiamo!

It feels weird to write a silly post when real events like births are happening around me. But I’m sure Sassy and her readers don’t want a mushy, confused, rambly post about how emotional it is to have a new baby in my family and to see how incredibly intensely this is changing my cousin and her husband each minute.

So, instead, I will wax poetic on a new trend of which I’m becoming aware.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Annie. And I know how to use possessive pronouns correctly.

I also like watching TV on my computer in bed, red wine, and wearing hoop earrings and Converse sneakers. I have a Master’s degree, a multisyllabic vocabulary, and a love of modern fiction novels. I am totally open to being set up. And I live in Boston.


Let’s get down to business.

Have you guys heard?! Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are DATING?

But here’s the weird thing. Or kind of weird thing.

They play siblings on their TV show Parenthood.

Can you just...smell the sexual tension?

Now, I don't watch Parenthood, so I can't expound on the quality of their ability to keep it in their pants, but I want to explore this phenomenon of siblings on-screen becoming real-life couples.

There's these two from the ABC drama Brothers and Sisters.

Now, when I watched this show, and they introduced the plot that the characters might be related just as they were trying to figure out if they were in love, I thought to myself, their chemistry is so good they've GOT to be banging in real life!

Lucky for them, their characters (SPOILER!) ended up not actually sharing a baby-daddy, so they were free to knock boots without any potential urpiness, onscreen and off. That is, until they broke up and he knocked someone up in real life and then decided to marry her.

I stopped watching the show, so I don't know if the characters are still in love. I always feel bad for actors who date off-screen but still have to work together when they break up.


These two play brother and sister on Dexter, and they have such intense chemistry, I found myself watching the first season and expecting them to spontaneously make out.

Seriously. And I wouldn't even have thought it was THAT gross.

And every time Dexter tells Deb how amazing she is and how she, like, totally makes him human, I think, DUDE'S SO NOT ACTING RIGHT NOW!

OK, don't freak out. But did you know that THESE two were totally dating during filming of Ferris Bueller's Day Off??

Crazy, right?

Today, one of them's married to Carrie Bradshaw and the other one is unrecognizable and competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars!

And while you may say that means Broderick wins in life, I say, Jennifer Grey will TOTALLY snag that mirror ball trophy.

Finally, it is public knowledge that these two totally made out off-screen back in the day.

And that THESE two went on a date slash MAY have had an affair. Prepare yourself for the perviest picture ever.

Greg is TOTALLY looking down Mom's SHIRT!

Don't vomit.

Incidentally, there’s a new show on TLC called Sister Wives, which I’m sure I would be obsessed with if I could watch that channel on my dinky TV with my basic cable connection. Maybe I’ll watch it on my computer like I do the 800 other shows I watch every week.

I’ve become hooked on so many in my unemployment that I actually wrote out a weekly viewing schedule.


  1. When I found out that Dexter and Deb Morgan were really married in real life, it grossed me out more than I was grossed out watching Dexter cut up those dudes with his circular saw.

    Now that I've written that down, I think something might be very wrong with me...

  2. ha! maybe! but you can't deny the chemistry, TB!


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