Saturday, October 23, 2010

Curmudgeon of the Week: Odessa

I know I've been letting Curmudgeon of the Week slide a bit since I've been on vacation. But I'm only about three weeks behind reading on emails, so if I haven't replied to you I promise I will before the Mayan calendar ends and the Earth explodes.

In the meantime, meet Odessa. She blogs at Book Eater and was kind enough to send me a fully-formed COTW list so that I didn't have to repeat the same old questionnaire (hint: anything you can do to allow me to be as lazy as possible will expedite your COTW post. You can even make up your own questions. Yes, I am that lazy!)

Here is Odessa. Her photo may be tiny but her misanthropy is massive.

I hid behind Shakespeare (how typical of an English major).

There are many things that annoy me. Life's not easy when you're and English major in a world of text speak. However, one thing that would not annoy me is being curmudgeon of the week.

I participate in one of the nerdiest competitions on earth -- Forensic Speech -- and as a way of finding a topic to present in a humorous and persuasive way our coach asked me to create a list over the course of 24 hours of things that annoy me. Here it is:

Cell phones
People that don't use their turn signals [Ed note: OMG, me too!]
Typographical errors
Not having time between classes to pee
Not having time to do laundry
Poor grammar
Text speak outside of text messages
Unrequited love (or listening to people talk about it)
Suze Orman
Stupid questions
People who hate books
Matching mono-chromatic mother-daughter outfits
Artificial sweeteners
My brother
Bad listeners
3-D movies
Bra straps
Reality shows [Ed note: I will allow on the condition that this does not include The Greatest Show of Our Time, America's Next Top Model]

This list encompasses but one day of annoyance.
I thank you for your consideration.

Want to be a Curmudgeon of the Week? As Dylan McKay's answering machine message said, you know the drill.


  1. If I remember correctly, Dylan's answering machine message then concluded with the words "...After the beeparoonie."

  2. Most everything on this list annoys me also. I would have to add "watermelons" to my list though, oh and David Hasselhoff. :)

  3. Ah, David Hasselhoff is rather annoying, he just didn't bother me on the day in question.
    Thanks Una for letting me express my annoyance to the world and thenaks for everyone that read their way through it.

  4. Anonymous10:47 PM

    This is my favorite feature of your blog. I have found a few new ones to read, thank you!

    I think Odessa could be hilarious, and her blog is too, but I had to quit reading because the colors almost caused a seizure. GAK! What is she, 13?

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Odessa must not live in CA. Turn signals here (LA at least) just mean "in case you weren't paying attention to the gap you left between you and the car in front of you, I'd like to remind you of it so you can speed up and fill it so I cannot change lanes ever. Thanks."


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