Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Benito Mussolini! Dov'e il Vaticano? Spaghetti Carbonara!

Hi guys! As I mentioned last month, I am off to Rome for a week-long vacation with Momma C.

I'll totally miss you, but guess who's taking over the blog?


Mostly he'll be posting guest blogs by some of my favorite blog friends, but I've invited him to post a few himself, and I encourage you to bully him (lovingly) in the comments.

Also please send him food and make sure he's not cheating on me with our whore pillow.

Ciao bellas! I'll see you 10/15.


  1. Welcome to Roma Una! As the official American spokesman for the city (highly prestigious position, had an election and everything), hope you have a good time!

  2. Have a great trip, Una! Eat lots of gelato (I recommend Giolitti's, near the Pantheon).


  3. Roma is fantastic. Have a wonderful time. LOVE the little effect on the Jeff picture. TOO CUTE.

  4. Have fun in Rome! I really thought you meant something else at first when you said "whore pillow" but I won't go into the details.

    Love the Spongebob Squarepants spreading the love on the photo. Hey, is Jeff trying to catch the hearts in his mouth? Aim higher Spongebob! ;)

  5. That bling is terrifying.

  6. Hope you have a fabulous time on your travels! I loved Rome when I visited-- it feels so romantic and special. Take plenty of photos!

    Looking forward to the guest posts!

  7. Arriverdici, bambina. :)

    Hope you have a very well-deserved and amazing break, Una. It's gonna be legen - wait for it... ;))


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