Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not The Flashing Type?

Hey guys! As I madly Tweeted about yesterday, last night I was on Abiola Abrams' web talk show, LSD: Love, Sex, and Dating (because I am obviously a sex expert; I lost my virginity at 20 and met Jeff at 23, so I have three whole years of WILD DEBAUCHERY under my belt. I bet I've even had sex with more people than Christine O'Donnell. Probably not Chris O'Donnell, though--I bet he knows the scents of many women, if you know what I'm saying. Hoo-ah!)

Anyway. We didn't actually talk much about sex, but Abiola did give me a little pair of glow-in-the-dark glasses with a penis nose, which I put on at one point to ensure that I can never run for office.

There's no video up on the site yet, but rest assured I'll be posting a link as soon as it is. In the meantime, enjoy this screen grab, courtesy of Alex:

"Note the comments in the sidebar," he says.

[Whatever, Hannibal, I am totally the flashing type. Plus I'm clearly about to grasp my left boob.]

Semi-update: Here's a video (oops) of me, Abiola, producer Kristal, and the fabulous Leah King and Tracy Renee Jones trying to pose for a photo.



  1. I was watching last night as the commenters claimed that you aren't the flashing type. Why has it always gotta be about boobs??? Why can't it sometimes be about penis noses?

  2. I can't believe I missed this! My blackberry went off when I was out shopping for fall clothes, reminding me that you were about to be on. Guess I'll have to catch the replay later (and remember to set my reminders further than 15 min ahead). :-/

  3. sweet celebrity status = reached!
    Let the tabloid gossip begin!

    PS I'm for penis glasses and miniature flags... just sayin' if ur runnin' for world prez or anything...

  4. Penis glasses? Really? I want some.

  5. sex expert aka sexpert.


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