Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lion-O, the Manwich, and the Matrimony

It's 3:30 am and my thoughts are coming out like the narration to a children's picture book. So be it.

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to a wedding. Jeff took pictures for three days straight, while I drank wine and caught up with old friends.

The bride was beautiful.

The groom was handsome.

They looked good from all angles.

The sun came out from behind the clouds right when they kissed. It was like a lighting cue from the heavens.

Their recessional was "Crazy in Love."

At the reception there was a surprise musical performance for the bride. It didn't stay a surprise for long; now it's on Perez Hilton.

There was dancing on stage with Gilberto Santa Rosa and Rubén Blades.

There were Thunder Cats cake toppers.

I was the filling of a manwich! (Bonus points: my husband took this picture.)

The DJ may or may not have played Thriller. Okay, fine, he totally did. And it was awesome. I had a tequila shot and couldn't remember the steps. But these guys remembered:

And then, finally, for a minute, my husband put down his camera and danced with me like a total fool.

(Plus my back looks really ripped in that picture.)

I guess it was a pretty good weekend.

Obligatory Jeff-promotion: If you or anyone you know needs wedding photos, contact Jeff through his website (he'll travel within reason -- certainly anywhere in the Northeast, or farther if you pay his way). And if anyone needs exercise tips for maximum deltoid-whaling, well, you've come to the wrong place. But I'll do some tricep dips with you if you get me some wine.


  1. you are freakin brilliant.... and you guys take a-mazing pictures. if i was getting married all over again, i'd totally fly BOTH of you guys out here. =)

  2. The wedding looks absolutely fantastic - and it looks like you had a great time. Nice pictures - your husband is talented.

  3. The bride is beautiful... I'm just a little scared of her dress!

  4. Una - that list picture pretty much describes everything I'd ever want in a marriage. Though I'd never hold my future wife to your standard of shoulder-ripped-ness.

    I could probably come close to rocking Jeff's sweet beard though...

  5. you and your husband are just adorable! and he takes beautiful pictures!!

  6. Love the pictures! Looks like it was a great time! I'm a huge fan of the Thunder Cats cake toppers and also of your manwich picture.

    But my favorite picture is the one showing the awesomeness that is your deltoid. Although, that's not my favorite part of it (it's a close call though). My favorite part is how it appears that you are undressing Jeff while dancing. :D

  7. I like Jeff's Elvis lip!

  8. Thunder Cats cake toppers?! Could that wedding be anymore awesome! Could you be anymore ripped?! I'm starting to feel this enthusiasm of mine is coming across as slightly 'feigned'. I really do like the cake toppers and they are a heck of a good lookin' couple but so are you and Jeff.

    So wine and tricep dips...your place or mine?

  9. Cake toppers?..what cake toppers? All I see in that shot is some nice cleavage...

  10. Anonymous4:40 PM

    AMAZING wedding. Thundercats cake toppers? Bloody brilliant.

  11. I loved that video! ANd your hubby does good.
    I'm totally stealing tricep dips. I have beer and now how an even better reason to drink it (my initial reason was that it is a pumpkin ale and it's practically a vegetable)

  12. That actually looked like a fun wedding party! Loved the shoulder tat and the ripped back!

  13. Love it, and the video was amazing. I would have totally burst into tears if I was the bride.

    When/if I ever get married I would love to ship your husband to Ohio for my pictures, but only if you'll come. I'll totally force my family to choreograph a dance and then you can be in it. Lol.

  14. so cute! i love happy faces..

  15. The 'net is a small place. I stumbled over here from another blog I follow...and yesterday I saw that video over at wedinator.
    It was pretty darn amazing, and reminded me of proposing to my wife during curtain call of a different show.


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