Thursday, August 19, 2010

Texts From My Sister: Putting the Blind in Blind Date

"Dans Le Noir -- a French chain where diners eat in PITCH BLACK AND ARE SERVED BY BLIND WAITERS [emphasis Zoe's] -- plans to open an outpost on the Lower East Side's Norfolk Street, according to the Wall Street Journal."
How is this a thing? Someone tell me the appeal of this other than A) the restaurant gets to serve cheap old crap but no one can see it or B) you can gorge yourself without shame. Or C) great new spot for robberies and guys who grind themselves up on you in the subway.



  1. Nono, we have one of these in Melbourne and the whole experience is pretty fun- and trust me, you notice the taste of the meal and the quality of the conversation MUCH more than in sighted surrounds!

  2. Lol. I love texts from your sister.

  3. I don't think I'm gonna go there anytime soon. Although the grinding opportunities have some draw...

  4. I don't think I would ever go to a place like that. But hey, at least you can leave your manners at home.

  5. Ooooooo!
    Have you watched "Dating In the Dark"?
    It is (along with the atrocity that is the new bachelor/bachelorette hump-fest) ABC's dive into reality hell.

    I can't get enough.

    So, of course, I want to go to this restaurant.
    You can tell Zoe that I'll be her date. We can review it.


  6. I personally enjoy the idea of gorging myself un-judged. As for men grinding up against me, I've never ridden the subway and so I could look at it as a new experience and consider it fair trade for the gorging. As long as they aren't actually serving crap food.

    Ah, I'm not really that picky.

  7. I hope they let you take a bath afterward...the chances of spilling down your front or smearing food all over your face and hands would make it rather awkward for you when you walk back outside. Then again, you may be blinded by the light, so you wouldn't notice anyway.

  8. OMG, is that for real? My vote is definitely for C. And my guess is the waiters aren't blind. They probably are wearing nigh-vision something-or-others, and totally enjoying every second of C.

    Single Dad Laughing

  9. What a coincidence: I just saw "When In Rome" this weekend with my family (not a very good movie; not worth the rental cost), and there's a scene where the lead couple are in one of these restaurants. I think it would be kind of creepy.

  10. This sounds like a brilliant idea for those of us who are spillers.

    Trust me. We need all the help we can get out in public.

  11. Finally a place where I can dribble and spill food down my front to my heart's content! I am hoping that cutlery is optional. When are they opening one in England - I am THERE!

  12. this world gets stranger by the day doesn't it?!

  13. Wait wait, can't see the food, right? Am I the only one who would feel extremely uncomfortable NOT being able to SEE what I'm eating? I mean, doesn't that dramatically increase the possibility of getting floor-food and being none the wiser?

    ...or something less paranoid.

  14. I'm all for adventure but count me out on this one. Not being able to see the food would gross me out. But then again, maybe it isn't about the food but what one does 'under the table', no?
    -The Empress

  15. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I just completely flashed to the really old waiter that was in Twin Peaks. Weird.
    I hope they don't serve soup in this crazy resturant!

  16. The perfect murder immediately comes to mind. WHAT? IT'S A THING! ;)

  17. Anonymous6:14 PM

    there was an episode of csi based on this. the blind waiter dunnit.
    needless to say, i'm never going.


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