Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scene From A Marriage: You've Got Mail

(I'm hiding Jeff's email because I know you will try to steal him otherwise. Admit it. It's the 'stache.)



  1. :) "smell ya later" cute. lol I hope I never get a mail like

  2. Just awesome. Gotta love marriage. :)

  3. Seriously, I want to be you. But not in a freaky-stalker way.

  4. I love "that's what she said" jokes. My guilty pleasure.

  5. i second b!

    except maybe in a freaky-stalker way. i haven't decided yet.

  6. That is the BEST Alley-oop I have ever seen, well done Jeff. Lovelove,

  7. Aw this is lovely.
    Love the use of "that's what she said!"

  8. That's awesome. Nothing like a TWSS joke to lighten the mood.

  9. I like you guys too. You sound like you guys laugh a lot. You remind me of me and my Hubs.

    Me (Woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over): You know what? I totally love you right this minute. You're the Robin to my Batman.

    Him (Half asleep and groggy): I love you too. And by the way, I'm Batman, bitch.

    We spent two days going back and forth over who would take the lead if were ever attacked by the Riddler.

  10. too funny! and yeah, men with porn staches are way sexy

  11. so...what did you do to spur that email in the first place?

  12. @Penny Lane: Aw, shucks. Thanks!

    @Summer: True story: The first time I visited Jeff's family in Mass., he told me to write a note to his mom that was signed "Smell you later, Una." (His family's humor is very scatalogical.) I did it, and from that moment Jeff and his mom knew I was the One.

    @KrzyKron: I do. I'm lucky.

    @B: Aw, not in a freaky-stalker way? It's been SO long since I got fingernail clippings in the mail.

    @Theresa: Yes, sadly for Jeff I am like Michael Scott in that regard. "That's what she said" is always funny to me.

    @Chi: Sweet!

    @Caro: He is quite funny himself. I always make him play the straight man in these blogs. Someday I will let him post a rebuttal.

    @Char :) & @One Blonde Girl: Thank you! I try.

    @Ms. Bitch: LOVE IT. Also, I think Jeff and I are both Robin, is that bad?

    @K: The stache is really growing on me. Now I just need to get Jeff a police uniform.

    @Allison: I didn't do anything, actually. I think Jeff was just saying that, as yet, he has not fallen out of love with me...

  13. You guys remind me of me and my hubs. Love the back and forth between the two of you!

  14. I pretty much love you guys.

    I once told a friend that I consider marriage like a really long sleepover with my best friend.

    She assured me that not everyone's marriage is that fun.

    Something tells me yours is.

  15. Anonymous3:13 PM

    FINALLY, a LOL moment on this wretched day. Very cute.

  16. two peas in a 13-year-old-boy's-brain pod. inspiring

  17. I officially started following this blog with this post!! Too Funny!!


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