Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Re-Run: Fun With The Fashion Closet!

Summer TV has re-runs, so why can't I?

Summer TV also has WipeOut, though, so by that logic I should also have to complete an obstacle course full of giant balls. I'm not sure how far I'll get with that, seeing as I only have access to three balls -- my inflatable fitness orb and Jeff's two -- but I will be making a fool out of myself in the very near future -- The Wine Rack has arrived in the mail!

While I figure out how to wear it without drenching myself in Zinfandel, please enjoy this post from August 1, 2007, in which my inner Eloise gets the best of me during a blood sugar dip. At the time, I worked for a fashion magazine which kept a closet of ever-rotating designer clothes and accessories.


When 3 pm rolls around, some people's blood sugar gets low, so they eat a granola bar. I prefer to wander around seeing how I can best amuse myself. Sometimes I find someone who's willing to give me a cookie, and sometimes I make myself useful sorting the mail. Most of the time, though, I play with the fabulous props contained within The Fashion Closet.

Today's question: Metallic, shoulder-length gloves: What are they good for?


They are not good for typing on a computer ...

They are not good for using Post-Its ...

They are not good for dialing phones ...

They are okay for talking on the phone, but add nothing to the experience.

"Hello, I am on a very important and fashionable call!"

Finally, a breakthrough! The gloves are good for ...

... posing in the bathroom! Success! I guess that's what they're for (minus the bathroom).

Tomorrow, maybe I should just have a granola bar.


  1. I do hope we are going to see a picture once you've mastered the Wine Rack. Maybe video? Best case scenario is you get your hands on those gloves again and sport both the gloves and the Rack. Please & Thank You.

  2. Wow, that looks hot!
    I mean really sweaty. Yuck.

  3. You are adorable and I really admire how you've managed to wrangle your eyebrows judging from the childhood pictures.

  4. LOL- I am sooo blonde. I pictured you wearing a wine rack- a wooden one- until I realized it was the boobybags you posted about earlier in the week.

  5. I agree with Penny Lane. A photo of you wearing the wine rack and the gloves will make our day! Happy Thursday Sassy!!

  6. Ay-ay-ay! Those are some hideous gloves! I do not understand why those would ever be necessary...even in 2007.

    Thanks for the rerun! Maybe tonight I'll go through and read all your blogs from the beginning. I'm laid up from surgery and running out of things to do. Then again...I wouldn't want to bust a stitch. Hm--dilemma.

  7. That's one more thing the Wine Rack is good for...making the metallic gloves more stylish AND useful!

  8. The gloves remind my of the scene in Green Wing where Sue White pretends to be a 'Nazi from a film'! Ve sink you ehv suspiciously stylish gloves madam....

  9. I would like to know how the gloves work for picking your nose...or anyone else's nose, for that matter. I'll be awaiting the results!


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