Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I’m going on vacation, guys. I’ll be off the grid for about a week.

Unlike when I went to the Dominican Republic, I will not be setting up auto blogs this time.

To be honest I’ve felt kind of uninspired lately and feel like I’ve been forcing a lot of my recent blogging. Which in some ways is a good thing. I mean, I started this blog for me, as a way to make myself write. If I’m staying true to the purpose of the blog, I should force myself when I have to, and accept that not every post can be a gem.

At the same time, I want to feel good about what I’m putting up here, and I want you to like it, or maybe even like like it, and then get it drunk and propose to it and have 10,000 of its babies. So I think a break will do me good, get the creative juices flowing.

[I’m referring, of course, to wine.]

Speaking of which, I’ll finally have time to figure out how to pour myself into the Wine Rack without spraining a nipple.

And to spend some quality time with Jeff's new 'stache, which kind of makes me laugh but also kind of turns me on (I blame Tom Selleck).

It’s win-win, really. For you guys too -- imagine a whole week without worrying about accidentally subjecting your young-but-old-enough-to-read children to my abundant profanity... a week in which you are not, for once, subjected to announcements about the latest camel toe-hiding technology. You are welcome.

Calgon, take us away!


  1. Enjoy your vacation. I'm really commenting to say man, mustaches are making a come back! There are tons of people sporting them these days.

  2. Can all your fans come?

    Just kidding. Have fun.

  3. I would blame Tom Selleck too. I just got home from vacation (well, extended family vacation, so pseudovacation) and my uncle announced that Tom Selleck is gay. Which I did not know. So now I'm jealous of men in general.

  4. He's totally rocking the porn stache....awesome!

  5. Enjoy your holiday Sassy but do know that you and your cleverness will be missed! Looking forward to reading about your vacation adventures.

  6. Have a great vacation! Please don't hurt your nipples for the sake of the Wine Rack. Mustaches are ultra-macho. Our estrogen-y selves can't help but respond to the grand show of testosterone.

    It's just a theory.

  7. Enjoy your break recharging and relaxing. I blame the weather for the lack of creative juices. The heat must be drying it all up and frying our brains.

  8. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Have a great vacation!

  9. Anonymous1:15 PM

    You will be missed, but a well deserved vacation awaits! Enjoy!!

  10. Have fun and enjoy the break!

  11. I hope you have a good time.

  12. I dig my man's stache- and beard- it tickles the neck and makes me giggle.

  13. All due respect to magnum PI...that is a 70's "porn 'stache"
    if I ever saw one.
    Enjoy your vacation....booze it up!

  14. Anonymous5:29 PM

    You are funny even when you are forcing it, so whatever you are doing it is working. Have a great vacation. Take notes. Enjoy the stache (Jeff-looks good)

  15. I totally dig the 'stache. And those are uber-cute pics! Hope you have an awesome vacay! Be sure to bring back souveniers for all your fans! ;) I'll miss you!!!

    P.S. My Hubby was sporting a 'stache when he came home for R&R..It's a total turn-on! ;)

  16. You guys look so friggin' cute together. Love the little photo booth pics. Enjoy your vacay and the break from it all.

  17. Anonymous11:56 PM

    God, that sounded so like a lesbian break-up... I guess it was the "to be honest" part, and then wondering why I didn't pick up that you were uninspired and forcing your blogs... at least I felt it!!!!

  18. Thank you, guys, for all your comments. I am so tired I'm practically hallucinating. Have to catch a train in 5 hours.

    But I appreciate you, is what I'm saying.

    Does that sound like a lesbian break-up? :)

  19. I really do look forward to every one of your posts. I've been in a bad place lately, and reading your posts and laughing is one of the good parts of my day. Seriously! I don't feel your posts have been lacking at all!
    Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it! The pictures of you too are adorable!

  20. Una, I have an award and a shout out for you on my blog when you get back.


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