Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Will Carol Seaver Still Cutabitch? More Poll Madness

Okay, I've had my coffee now... but still think Texts From My Sisqo would be a great website. Sisqo--call me!

Anyway. Today BlogHer has syndicated my TV Character Cage Match poll! There are new battles, so you should totally go play.

And speaking of BlogHer, I'll be at their conference in NYC this August. Are any of you going? I'd love to meet some of you in person. (I still fantasize that someone will stop me on the street and say, "Excuse me, are you the Sassy Curmudgeon? I never stop people like this but when I saw you pick up that M&M off the ground and lick it I just knew it was you." Sadly, this has yet to transpire... the stopping on the street, not the licking of the M&M. Obviously.)


  1. The next time I'm in the Slope I will look for you!

  2. I spend my days looking for you. It's my lifelong dream (well, since I started following your blog) to bump into you and make you my bestest friend ever mmkay? Just a shame I live in the UK so I'm wasting my best 'being alert for Una' skills!

    Long Tall Ally xx
    ps) I'm not a stalker,
    pps) I have a blog

  3. One of my dearest friends is a member of BlogHer, too, and she is super active in the social media circuit. You should meet her!

    Shannon's website:

    Anyway, you are still the best. :)

  4. We are kindred spirits with our shared love and admiration for chocolate, especially dirty chocolate.

  5. If I run into you...I will inquire about comissioning you to bulid a Turd Yurt.

  6. I L-O-V-E your blog. I wait anxiously for my laptop to boot up everyday to read it and I am never let down. You are amazingly funny and sarcastic. Plus it helps that you are so pretty! :)

  7. Hmm, I think I'll leave myself a note that next time I'm in New York I should take a bag of M&Ms and leave a trail...
    You're like E.T. but without the product placement money!!!

  8. I secretly sometimes think I run into NYC bloggers...I actually saw someone who looked like you recently and wondered if it actually was if I would've said hello (realized as I got closer that it certainly wasn't you). Now I know that I have to say hi...and we can share street food.

  9. Anonymous8:20 PM

    This morning I threw out the remains of a bag of mostly stale chocolate-flavored Goldfish. In a fit of desperation, I just pulled the bag out of the trash can under my desk. Thank god my office door was closed. I knew you'd be the only one who'd understand.

    Well, the trash can thing, anyway. I might be alone in the chocolate Goldfish thing: they're like Teddy Grahams, but aquatic.

  10. LOL, why am I sitting here digging lose pretzel M&M's out of my purse. Mmmm, a blue one.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  11. I really wanted to go to the Blog Her conference, but by the time I'd learned about it, it was already sold out and on wait-list. Well, that, and I don't really have the money to travel to NYC right now. And I'm not a very successful blogger, so I'd be a little embarrassed.

    I probably wouldn't recognize you if I saw you on the street, because I know that you are a tiny sprite, and in my head you are much, much taller. I used to live in LA, and I was always surprised when I met a short celebrity--somehow, I expected them all to be giants. Only Tim Robbins actually was.


  12. OMG, to see you in person on the street? Seriously, that would be cooler than meeting Brad Pitt. =) I should be so lucky! ;) Thanks for being you!

  13. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I flew from Vancouver to Ottawa with your doppleganger on could start a "Where in the World is Sassy Curmudgeon" webpage for reported sitings...

  14. After BlogHer's login process pissed me the *(&^ off, I decided to come back here to say that I think BERTA from 2.5 Men is the sassiest hired help. Which means I'm so so sorry she wasn't included in your insane, and yet carefully crafted poll, which I dutifully answered like the good little suck up reader I am.

  15. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I wonder...If I leave a trail of m&m's on the sidewalk, will you come? Oh, who am I kidding. I'll never purposely throw out an m&m as bait.

  16. Anonymous2:36 PM

    My brother lives in Brooklyn and every time I visit him I insist that we do a little extra walking around in the hopes of running into you. My brother thinks I'm insane and scary, but I don't let that bother me.


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