Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend O' Mini Golf and Nut Meat

Hello! I’m alive and so is my sister. Was traveling all weekend and got in late last night to a hot, sticky apartment that basically had the same effect as five Ambien.

True story: Yesterday I sang in front of a roomful of octogenarians AND played minigolf in wedge heels while holding a plastic cup of Pinot Grigio. I only fell over twice, which I think should have been a factor in scoring (I came in third out of…um…three).

Then there was a long car ride home, during which my sister and I got the giggles while listening to NPR, because there was some food show on and the host sounded exactly like Molly Shannon on that Schweddy balls SNL sketch and there was a call from a lady who didn’t know what to do with this coconut she somehow ended up with, and you have to wonder how badly technology had failed this woman that she resorted to calling a radio show for recipe tips. I mean, right? Just Google that shit, woman! For some reason this struck me and my sister as hilarious, possibly because we were still drunk and also possibly because the phrase “nut meat” was uttered. Then I ate a quarter pounder with cheese and let my shuddering arteries lull me to a sleep that was interrupted every ten seconds or so by my head bouncing off the car door.

So, really what I'm saying is: You didn't miss much.


  1. "...had the same effect as five Ambien."

    So are you telling us you slept, or that you ate everything in sight and don't remember it??

  2. Even if your post just said "nut meat", I would have laughed. And I totally agree: Only falling over twice should have been a factor in scoring...but then again, how many of the other contestants fell over?

  3. Their is nothing like the "family ride" to put you to sleep.

  4. Pinot in a plastic cup?! Rock on girl! And now I want a quarter pounder with meat. Thanks a lot!

  5. Annah, A quarter pounder with cheese? LOL! Or are you referring to the fact that you actually want meat with your burger instead of a cardboard box full of grease?

    I love this blog. You guys are GREAT.

  6. Mini-golf has never been one of my favorites, but then again, I've never played with Pinot. That will be my next adventure!

    Plus, how does someone just end up with an unwanted coconut? Sounds like this woman may have more issues than no recipes...

  7. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I'm willing to bet you were in CT when you heard the NPR cooking show. The Schweddy Balls lady had to be Faith Middleton's Food Schmooze.

  8. Nut meat and Schweddy Balls. The perfect pick-me-upper to an exceptionally craptacular Monday. Thanks Sassy!

  9. I'm really sorry, I didn't know where else to put this. I just wanted Sassy to know that I linked her blog in one of my posts because I was inspired by her "30 Things" posts.

    Love the blog!

  10. dude. you make me laugh...lots.


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