Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I'm very relaxed, which is rare, and which I want to preserve by not clogging this post with words. So please enjoy this essentially silent blog, brought to you by Jeff Zorabedian.

(There was also beer pong, but I wanted to keep it classy. And I also almost peed my pants in traffic coming back to New York, but Jeff was asleep and so was not able to document my anguish, nor my subsequent euphoria after tearing through a 7-11 in search of sweet release.)


  1. That last picture is frame worthy. Beer pong rocks!

  2. Sounds like a good time (especially if there was beer pong involved). And I feel your pain, I've done the 7-11 tear through as well. And then I felt guilty so I HAD to buy a bag of peanut M&Ms {wink, wink}.

  3. LOL similar trip this wknd - i was all "testify" in the stall of a half way point tim hortons that hubby and i have dubbed "the pee break".
    They also have donuts :)

  4. cool picture. I wish I could get a summer break.

  5. Love the photos. Sadly I don't know what Beer Pong is. I'm getting a vague visual based on what I've seen on Big Brother though...sigh Saskatchewan is so far removed from the rest of the world. We do have Quarter Bounce though. This also involves beer. So there.

  6. And now I feel zen too.

  7. I also don't know what beer pongs are.:) Yet, think the place was really relaxing. I hope I could also get some break too.

    Great post you've got! Thanks.

    fun weekend getaways

  8. So serene. (Including the post 7-11 sweet release)


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