Friday, June 11, 2010

TGI...WTF: What the FAQ?

I interrupt your regularly scheduled TGI...WTFing to bring you an oh-so-cleverly titled one time post.

See, sometimes, readers email me with blogging questions. I love getting these emails and I sincerely want to help everyone (Sing with me now: “I’d like to teach the world to blog… in perfect harmony!” Now, punch me in the face.) But I’m lazy and I don’t want to keep writing the same rambling paragraphs. So I thought a comprehensive ramble might be in order.

Don’t worry, I'll try to make this funny. And I’ll illustrate it. Gather round, children, for...

The Story of How I Somehow Ended Up With a Blog That People Actually Read 
(Or, At Least, FollowWhich Is Not The Same Thing)

A lot of you are new readers, meaning you started reading my blog in or after January of this year. The reason I know is that on January 20, Blogger made me a Blog of Note, and since then I have gotten a lot more traffic.

There’s nothing wrong with being a new reader—I’m so pumped to have you! I am, in fact, even more pumped than Christian Slater was to disseminate fuck-the-man pirate radio broadcasts in Pump Up the Volume.

But I fear that new readers may get the wrong idea.

New readers may think that because my blog has readers/followers now (and let me state for the record that in the grand scheme of things my blog is still a miscroscopic amoeba in the vast primordial ooze that is the magical Internet), it has always had readers/followers.

A super scientific map of the Internet, to scale (click to enlarge)

Not true.

I started this blog on Wednesday, January 4, 2006 on Friendster, which is like saying I scratched it on my cave wall when I wasn’t busy hunting Triceratops.

The blog was called “The Secret Life of A Would-Be Writer,” (which it remained until April of 2007, when I adopted the current title) and the tag line was “I promised myself I’d write this year, so here goes.” It was really just an exercise to force myself to write. So I wrote. It was pretty free-form: I posted stories, poems, photos, random musings. Some of it was funny and some wasn’t. I was quarter life crisising pretty hard at the time, so there were a lot of angsty ruminations on growing up.

Some of my friends read it, as well as my immediate family. I never once thought about tracking hits or getting followers (I didn’t even add a followers box until a year ago!). I got a comment from a friend once in awhile. But I’ll never forget my very first anonymous comment, almost three months after I started blogging:

A few months later, I got another random anonymous comment, this one from a real person. I have no idea how they found me—I wish I had asked at the time. As far as I know no other blogs knew of my existence or linked to me. I can only assume it was word of mouth.

 Those aren't birds, they're UNIBROWS uniting people of all nations, y'all.

Slowly but surely I gained a few readers who, as far as I could tell, were not blood relatives or college roommates. I had no tracking system, but I would guess that from 2006 to 2008 my readership increased by two dozen or so people.

In August of 2009—more than three and a half years after I started the blog—I started blogging for the Huffington Post. This was a huge deal for me, even though it was (and still is) unpaid. Through my exposure on their site (and the fact that I linked to the blog in my posts), my readership tripled. I was overjoyed.

(I'm actually jumping for joy in this photo because Jeff and I are on our way to buy candy. For real.)

Around that time, I added a followers box to my site, and from mid-2009 to early 2010 I amassed about 100 followers. I felt flush with appreciation. I wanted to throw all of my followers in a pile and jump in them like Scrooge McDuck with his gold coins.

Then, on January 20, 2010 (please note, this is less than six months ago and more than FOUR YEARS after my first blog post), The Sassy Curmudgeon was featured as a Blog of Note and all of a sudden my readership increased almost tenfold.

(Of course, after a month or two, readership died down again... which is normal, but which temporarily gave me an inferiority complex, which is why I now no longer check my traffic).

Which brings us up to date.

I was planning on doing a little Q + A now, but that seems kind of presumptuous considering you haven't actually asked me any questions. So instead, here's what I'll say:

If any of you are feeling discouraged because no one is reading your blog, don't let it get to you. You should be writing, first and foremost, for yourself. Sure, every day you hear about some blogger who got a book deal or went viral and now gets millions of hits a day after only blogging for eight months, and yes, that information can make you feel inadequate by comparison. But the important thing is that you are writing, that you are putting your voice out there. I promise someone will hear it (like in Field of Dreams, if you blog it, they will come).

When I started my blog, I had no clue about anything. I didn't network. I didn't read or comment on other blogs. I didn't Facebook. I didn't Tweet or Tumbl or Digg (even now I don't know how to put those little "retweet" buttons next to my posts...sigh). You can, and should, do all of those things if you want to drive traffic to your little corner of the Internet. But traffic alone does not a successful blog make.

I had a film teacher in college who told me that there is no such thing as an original idea. Her point was that Hollywood tells the same stories over and over again, and that what distinguishes a great movie from a terrible movie isn’t the idea behind it, but the voice behind it. It’s how you tell the story, and the humor or insight or passion or wit or unique point of view that you add. I think the same goes for blogs.

I mean, I would say that blogs are a dime a dozen, but that’s not true—they are fucking free a dozen. The only thing that makes one blog different from the next is the person writing it. The voice. The character. The point of view. I am continuously humbled and amazed that people read mundane, often inane stories about my life. I am touched that I have been able to connect with readers from so many different backgrounds and stages of life (I know my readers range from a high school student to a grandma, and, I'm hoping, that 4 year-old Asian PC girl. I mean, if she can make a photo collage she can find my blog, right?)

Anyway, what I want to stress is: Don’t give up. It might take you years to find your audience—don’t give up. Your blog might not have any bells and whistles or HTML might scare you—don’t worry about that superficial stuff. Just write, as often as you can, about whatever you want. I promise it will pay off (just not financially… if you’re looking to get rich blogging, well… good luck with that).

I still have to remind myself every day not to give up. I still have to repeat that little mantra I wrote myself on my prehistoric Friendster blog in 2006:

I promised myself I'd write this year, so here goes.

(If you still have questions, leave them in the comments and I'll do my damnedest to answer them. And thank you, from the bottom of my Tootsie Roll-clogged heart, for reading. Without you, I'd have no one even asking me any questions, and then I guess I'd have to go FAQ myself, wouldn't I?)


  1. Hi! I don't have a question, I just wanted to say I just recently found your blog (a friend recommended it) and I am really enjoying reading about unibrows and Tootsie Rolls. Yay, Tootsie Rolls!


  2. Dear Sassy (Una) -

    Thanks for the encouragement. I left my job in the corporate world last year to become a full-time artist.

    I also started my blog then.

    I had my first comment from someone unknown to me last month. I was overjoyed and danced around the house.

    My husband gave me that "she's crazy" look (which, BTW, is nearly indistiguishable from his "I love her" look).

    I don't recall how I discovered your blog but it was sometime in 09 so pre-firestorm. You're my no-cal treat each day. Keep it up!

    joyful (Cheri)

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I love reading your blog. I always have atleast one smile a day due to your blog so thankyou. You're awesome.
    P.S. You have more than one high school student reading (=

  4. Thanks for the tips! There are lots of people suffering underappreciatitis, including me at times, and it helps to hear some good advice about that. I enjoy your blog tremendously.

  5. I love your voice.... your sunny perspective keeps me reading, and your snarky undertone keeps me writing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. As I believe I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of your blog and having only started blogging myself in August of last year, any advice is much appreciated. My most thrilling moment was when Jen Lancaster started following me on Twitter(where all I was posting were my blogs at that time). I am not ashamed to admit I cried a few tears of joy. I was also pretty jacked when you responded to one of the comments I made on your blog! Essentially though I do have to remind myself I'm writing for me and to just enjoy what may or may not come but at the very least, I'm amusing my mom and a few friends.

    Now, let's all bow down to the mighty tootsie roll in united bloggership.

  7. Thanks for this inspiring post, Una. Some days, when I post an entry on my own blog, I think to myself that I'm only writing to myself, so why bother? But you're right: writing anything keeps the creative juices flowing.

    It may be crap, but it's my crap! It's not like I'm forcing anyone to read it (wait a minute, there are those who get an automatic e-mail notification...).

  8. When I went to film school, the first thing the dead told us was to make our own opportunities, so when I started my blog a few months ago, that was my mantra. I'm making my own opportunity.

    I've got a handful of followers already (but on of them's my mom, so she might not count), but I haven't told any of my real life friends that I exist yet, because I'm afraid of the image that gets projected on those established on the internet. Did you ever get looks for telling people you were a blogger? Did that change after hooking up with Huff Po? Or has the landscape of the internet evolved so much in the last few years that the stigma doesn't exist any more, and it's no longer an issue? (The fact that I'm even asking my answer all that for me, but a casual acquaintance dropped the Nerd-bomb after I mentioned a new blog, and now I don't know what to think.)

  9. Please clear up this question:

    Is your name really Una or is it in reference to the unibrow?

  10. PS - Huffington Post is raping you. Demand compensation.

  11. Cassie11:11 AM


    I'm a post January 20th reader, my friend referred me to your blog. Band wagoner? RON!

    I'm that weird follower who literally clicks on all of reference links you post in an entry, and who clicks randomly through the tags...which I can't complain about considering it lead me to your diary posts and tampons. Hilarious.

    My point is, through all of my sassy research, I've yet to find the explanation of the background of your blog. Can I getta reference link?

    One other tiny little question, considering you wrote them: Gawker Explains It All. Why only 3 posts? I LOVEEEEE them. With 5 E's. The way you love tootsie rolls.

  12. This was a great post, thanks for the honesty and the encouragement to all of us your loyal followers.

    I started blogging when I moved to BFE Provence because I don't have any friends here yet, and I'm still struggling with the language, and every time someone that I don't know personally, takes the time to comment, follow, or read my inane drivel, I'm like high all day.

  13. Thanks for this. It was encouraging to see your wildly popular blog had humble beginnings, because mine is still in that humble beginnings phase. Okay, it's almost two years old and not really just beginning, and maybe the humble thing is less a phase than a permanent position...I can still hold out hope!

    I started this to practice the craft of writing, to sharpen it, and finally move forward with making a dream happen (at 40 something). It helps to view it that way.

    By the way, thanks for being my one and only "celeb" follower.

  14. I forgot I also had a question.

    My blog is actually a mirror of my publishing on a FB page, which has over 400 followers in over a dozen countries. It dwarfs my blog following. Has your experience been the same?

  15. I found your blog by clicking the "Next Blog" button and laughed my ass off at work (it helps, trust me).

    You give me hope that one day, my Dad won't call me and say, "You said the F word on your blog again. You know big brother is watching, right?"

  16. Great tips!
    I found you through another blog but you're at the first blog I head to everyday.
    I don't know if it's an Una/Oona(my middle name)connection or the fact that we're both Spring of 80 babies, but I love you point of view.
    Keep up the great work!

  17. I don't have a question. I just wanted to say that reading this post today was so perfectly timed for me. I've had a Tumblr for awhile, but that's a blog with training wheels. I decided today to start a 'real' blog, and then I read this and now I'm all inspired and happy. Thanks for the encouragement!

  18. im a blogger of note follower of yours. How did your blog get to be a blogger of note? Was it a surprise? Was it your birthday??

  19. I am a Blogger of Note follower. How did your blog get on Blogs of note? Was it a surprise? Was it your birthday??

  20. Thank you so much for this! As a new blogger, it feels like you are speaking directly to my soul. Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but it was very helpful for my self-esteem! =)

  21. That was a total slow-clap worthy blog! You're pretty much the Queen of Awesomeness (sp?), and you can tell people I said so.

  22. I read your blog because I think you're exceptionally clever. No, it's true! I appreciate wit and I constantly wonder how you come up with these things. Now will you join my blog? (cheesy grin)

    I was one of the ones who found you through bloggers of note. (Weren't you on the same one as Mr London Street?)

    But bloggers are like authors - all can get published (i.e. by paying for it out of pocket), but some have it and some don't. No tricks to get traffic will work if you're simply not interesting to read.

  23. You deserve all your followers (except the creepy ones, if you have them) for your wit and wackiness.

    Thanks for the encouragement to us lesser bloggers... one day I hope to be as sassy and curmudgeonly as yerself, but in my own way.

  24. I only just started blogging at the beginning of this year, so while I am technically a post blog-of-note follower, I like to believe I would've found you earlier if I had been in the blogging world. It is my goal to be as amusing as yours (as consistently!) one day, and maybe increase my followers from 11 to 25. I have big goals. Anyhoo, thanks for being there and always making me laugh!

  25. Una,

    I have been reading your blog for a while and have always loved it. I have a question for you about blogging: I run one of those anonymous "What do you think about this religious/political/social issue?" type blogs. It is still very young. Do you have any advice about how I can get my blog out there so as to have intelligent blog conversations with other people, while keeping it anonymous so as to avoid unwanted repercussions? I'd love any advice you may have!

    Thank you for inspiring me :-)

  26. Whew! Ok, responses part 1 – here goes:

    @~ellen~: Well, thanks! And yes: Yay.

    @joyful: The first comment is a huge deal and deserves a celebratory dance! If your husband is anything like Jeff, he is also secretly checking your blog traffic and is very proud. Good luck with your art and your blog!

    @Ally: Thank you! I’m so excited to have HS students reading. In high school I was not particularly popular, but now I can pretend that if I were to go back to high school NOW, a la Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed, I would be so much cooler.

    @maucotel: Thank you! Blogging will always feel underappreciated—you’re putting yourself out there and hearing crickets at first. Even if you gain followers it’s kind of a lonely endeavor, but keep it up… I feel like no matter what happens with the blog I’ll feel great about having a record of this time in my life.

    @Kate: Thank you so, so much. And you’re welcome. I was afraid this post might seem kind of asshole-y, since it’s unsolicited advice, but if it was even the teensiest bit inspirational then I’m happy.

    @77Cher: It’s so thrilling to feel that sense of community building, isn’t it? I never had pen pals as a kid, but I imagine it feels something like that—making friends across the country and the world whom you’ve never met.

    @thisamericantourist: Congratulations on starting your blog! You should tell your friends. I never got looks for blogging, since when I started the only person I knew who had a blog was my dad. I think there’s a bit of eye-rolling by the blogless about bloggers, only because it’s now assumed that everyone blogs and now there’s a backlash. Saying I blog for the Huffington Post makes me sound more legitimate, for sure. When I tell people about my personal blog, they pretend to be interested. They only perk up if I mention how many followers I have, which I almost never do because that’s obnoxious.

    @Maybelline: My name is really Una. The fact that I had a unibrow was a completely unfortunate coincidence. Also, HuffPo pays no one. But the exposure is a certain kind of payment.

    @Cassie: So glad to have you! Yes, I explain the background here:

    And actually I’ve never written for Gawker—those posts are by Emily Gould. But I’m flattered you thought it was me!

  27. Part Deux:

    @Sara Louise: You’re so welcome. Blogging has become so visible and so trendy that I think it’s important for people to know that finding an audience can take a long time. And yes, knowing strangers find you interesting is endlessly flattering, isn’t it?

    @cody: OMG I am not a celeb in the slightest! I am a tiny fish in a giant pond. But thank you. And keep at it – like I said, it took me 3 1/ 2 years to get any kind of following. Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race online, where everything is fast and fleeting, but in my case it paid off.

    As for FB, here’s a fun numbers game:

    I have 655 FB friends.
    I have 1,272 FB fans (only 100 of my fans are also friends)
    I have 3,535 blog followers
    I get maybe 1,500 hits a day

    So… obviously a lot of my friends aren’t my fans. And a lot of my followers aren’t fans. And a lot of my fans and followers don’t actually read the blog.

    I won’t try to make sense of this.

    @Molly: Aw, thanks! I love your middle name, obviously. I bet no one pronounces it “You-na”.

    @Yoj: Hahaha. My parents gave up on trying to get me to curse long ago. Now my dad just says things like, “I’m going to steel myself for your blog titled ‘Giving Head.’”

    @Amelia Elizabeth: Thank you, and I’m so glad I could help. Good luck with the blog!

    @JennySays: I don’t know how Blogger picks its Blogs of Note, but I did Tweet at them (@Blogger) a few times and ask if they would check mine out. That probably doesn’t always work, but it can’t hurt. And no, it wasn’t my birthday 

    @Celebrate: I am high-fiving your soul right now.

    @Lindsay: YES. Slow clap—my dream realized. I will spread the word about my new title. Do I get a crown?

    @Miss Welcome: Thank you! I became Blog of Note a few days or a week after Mr. London Street, yes. And yes, I’ll join your blog. And I agree with you on all points.

    @brokenbiro: Aw, thanks. I have a few weirdos but no creeps that I know of (maybe they don’t comment because they’re too busy fondling themselves and making a collage of photos of me?)

    @Lisa: I love all of my followers, new and old. Mostly I just did this post to let new followers know that my popularity is very recent, and that they shouldn’t be intimidated or feel discouraged by that, because it took me a long fucking time.

    Thank you for reading, and good luck with your blog!

  28. I have this theory about a person's name. The more unusual, yet pronounceable, it is, the more famous/wealthy/spectacularlyuccessful/notable/uniquewithoutbeingstrange a person can hope to become. And thus you, with your distinctly one of a kind moniker -- Una Marche -- should start checking your mailbox soon.
    DISCLAIMER: This does not mean that anyone with a name from one of the former Soviet Socialist Republics or one of the many recently formed African nations should expect equal success. Because those names, as unusual as they may sound to the everyday American ear, simply mean Hi, I'm Jim Smith, or, on occasion, LL Cool J, when translated. And we already know those have been taken.

  29. La La La La La La La La La La!!!!!


  30. I absolutely love your blog. I don't remember how I found it, but after reading one entry, I subscribed. To bring things down.... sorry..... I recently had major surgery so I can try and keep walking and then I lost my teaching job, so I've really needing good reading material to keep my spirits up, and yours ranks up there as one of the best, alongside old Sassy magazines, and a few food blogs full of food I long for but can't walk to the stove to cook (yet!!!). THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  31. I love those words of advice! I was recently a Blog of Note as well, and prior to that I'd been blogging for three years and had, oh, 9 or so followers. Now? Well, let's just say I have a few more. ;-)
    But everything you said is so true; the writing should be for you, and eventually the work will pay off.
    I love your blog! Thanks for writing it. :-)

  32. I don't know if I've told you this, but I LOVE this blog. I have recently discovered it and you crack me up. The story of your hubby putting the tootsie roll back on the floor for you to pick up after you brushed your teeth was so funny and so sweet. That's real love, my friend. And your sister saying that Piglet and Pooh are dicks. So true. They really really are. And the Rose and Thorn exercise at Quaker camp. "Left boob stubbornly dormant." I'm still laughing about it. Thanks for the blogging tips and the Huffington Post is robbing you. You are awesome.

  33. Thanks for writing this post - seriously. I have often wondered how and when you started your blog, and how in the world you got soooo many followers. I do ready posts and you definitely make me laugh! Thanks for sharing your gift of writing!

  34. Your awesome!!!! thank you for the inspiration

  35. Summer3:01 PM

    I have probably started and then stopped like 10 blogs over the course of 3 years... I just do not have your tenacity! :D

  36. Sassy, I'm sure you know I was joking when I begged you to join my blog after flattering you so much (although the flattery was sincere), but thank you for honoring me by actually doing it!

  37. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing. Count me in as a recurrent and appreciative fan.

    I started writing my blog on a self-help site to expunge some demons, but I morphed it into something lighter hearted. Hardly anyone reads it, but I get a blast from writing it. I think this is the key; to enjoy what you write. Anything else is a bonus.

    It's tough writing these things. 150 posts this year so far? I am seriously impressed. And also a little bit jealous.

  38. Hi Sassy,

    First time commenter here! As usual, this post was really funny. ("Well played, Robot. Well played." Hilarious.) But more than the funny factor, I found this post really inspiring. I have twenty followers (all family and friends) and have never had a comment from someone I don't know.

    A girl can dream.


  39. I love this post! It's encouraging. I think I found you through Blogs of Note, and have been thoroughly enjoying your humor ever since.

  40. I needed that. Thanks. I was just about to QUIT last week. (Yeah, I blogged about it.)

  41. Hi! Like everyone else, I totally LOVE your blog and it is the topic of conversation amongst my friends and I here in Minnesota. I started blogging just a few short months ago, and truly find inspiration from you. I want to be your friend. Consider yourself stalked.
    Also, my question is: Do you follow all of the people who are following you, and/or do you read their blogs???

  42. you were the first real blog outside of my friends in real life and Pat that I followed.... he showed me to you and i am forever grateful for that. i never did search out other bloggers, because i was on here for one thing and that was to free up some space in my overwhelmed, overthinking (and oversized) head.... it was like love at first sight, for sure....

    you hit on some really great points in this blog. i agree 150 million percent that the traffic isn't what makes your blog successful. i have never, not one single time, even cared enough to track my traffic. if they come, i am appreciative and often wonder what joy they find in my blog, BUT i came here with one intention and that was to free up space in my brain.... it's amazing how many other people care to KNOW what's going on in my brain.... someone they have no idea about, or know in real life.... but people are inquisitive.... people like other people's ideas.... (i ESPECIALLY like yours).... =)

    it's true. there are very few unique ideas, but the VOICE is what makes it unique. the point of views make them unique and yours is truly, by far, one of my absolute favorites in the entire world. really!

    i will FOREVER be grateful for the time that you gave to me, and helped me for that super huge project i had going on.... you really inspired me to continue doing exactly what i'm doing....

    i already loved you BEFORE that, but then it went up like 5 gazillion points, if that's even possible....

    what i'm trying to say, is that i think you are fantastic.... the world should DEFINITELY be filled with more Una's.... and hopefully the unibrows will continue uniting all countries!!!! =) GOOO UNA!!!!

  43. You had me at the blog name- actually, just at the word sassy. I found you through another blog I probably found through another blog.

    I started blogging about 2 months ago. 37 posts ago. I figured if my 60 something year old mom could do it, so could I! I have 13 followers- woohoo (I'd jump for joy, but I just got a cast off my leg).
    I don't even care if followers read me all the time- they are like teddy bears at a tea party. I can pretend they love my intelligence and wit.

  44. I originally found your blog back in January 2010 and love it! Thanks for being an inspiration to start blogging. It's wonderful to be writing again and your blogging tips are much appreciated. Have a fabulous weekend.

  45. Anonymous6:07 PM


    I found your blog sometime last year after reading your HuffPost reviews of Project Runway. I just want to say thanks for giving me some laughs in a year that's been a little short of them. You remind me that having a zest for life is important.

  46. I found your blog from blog of note and from that time, I read what you write though sometimes I don't leave comments. Through reading your blog, I was able to find interesting other blogs to read.

    I love reading about your Tootsie Rolls and how the name of your birthday cake was changed from "UNA" to "ANUS"...LOL....

    I love your blog and thanks for the inspiration.

  47. Una,
    I love your blog, read it every day, and have recommended it to a friend. Thanks for giving a dusty old English major something exciting to read and the inspiration that somehow, someday there will be an audience.

  48. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Hi Una,
    I'm not the 4 year old Asian girl you are talking about, but I am definitely Asian (living in the Philippines).
    I'm one of your anonymous readers since last year. I found your blog through your huffpost project runway season 6 reviews, and I have been visiting your blog almost everyday. Just so you know. Hehe.

  49. Anonymous8:59 PM

    You know what I like about you? You are, I swear, just one of the nicest people out there in blogger world. And the photos Jeff takes of you, well, the love shines through. I read your blog for all the between the lines feeling good stuff and I wish you all good things.

  50. I found your blog because of the Blogs Of Note bit, but I was hooked from the first post!! I haven't read a post yet that didn't have my kids/hubby staring at me like a lunatic because I laughed hyena-style until snot ran out of my nose. (LOL You only wish I was kidding!) I'm very new to the Blogosphere, but somehow have managed to bring my readership up to 40, and I love those people so much!! =) I think you're so right about the individuality being the key to a great blog, and I'm working to bring it there all the time. LOL I just want to say that I ♥ you, not in a creepy, "Hey, isn't that the same woman who's been staring at our apartment windows for the last week?" kind of way. xD Your blog inspired me to really give this my all, and I think you're awesome! =) Thank you for being you!

  51. Lauren Bejot1:48 AM

    I absolutely love the voice of your blog. it's the only blog I actually read instead of looking at the pretty pictures.

    Nice job, Una! I've spread your name around my circle of friends who appreciate a good laugh.

    Never give up!

  52. Hi Una,
    Thanks for the great post. I have been following you for a while - I suspect I'm one of those that jumped onto the Sassy bandwagon - but to be fair, I was also new to the blogging bandwagon too... so I figure that's ok.

    I LOVE reading your blog. In fact, on the rare occassions that you miss a daily posting, I am quite inconsolable! Everything you write is with such humor and honesty, I can only hope to achieve the same someday.

    Thanks for the giggles... oh, and for reminding me I'm not the only girl in the world suffering from TTDT.

    Sadly, being from Australia, I do not know the joys of finding a stray Tootsie Roll - but I live vicariously through you!

  53. Goddamn blog of note bastards.
    I need more kicking than I like to admit to sit down and write things. And yes, i like the attention waaaay too much.

  54. I love your blog! I just love your honesty, your brutal honesty, even if it's unflattering! :0) And, of course, you are witty and pretty, which always helps! I just started my blog in January, found you as Blog of Note quickly, which I have sent to many friends, so we all love you now. I, too, love to write, even if others aren't seeing it yet, but this post gives me hope. For me, it's not a duty every day, it's a privilege!
    Keep it up! Big things are ahead for you, Una!

  55. Ha! As a Friday writer but a non-solicitor of advice, I was probably expecting more of a "You're welcome. Glad you enjoy it!" But all this works too.

  56. I sit here wondering if I am the "grandma" you refer to but you may have more....sometimes we put younger pictures of ourselves on FB etc. You simply CRACK me up and my husband too. I literally pull him over to the computer to read you. Question: I noticed at the bottom of your blog you are licensed, is that for your professional writing? I am looking at publishing poems from my blog and wonder if they are sitting out there naked. Thanks for your humanity and being open enough to share it with the rest of us.

  57. I found your blog in the Blogs of Note which I had NEVER checked before and really haven't ever since. I think it may have had something to do with us being in Morocco recently and there may have been a blog about Morocco that same week in Blogs of Note.
    Your post today made me laugh with the Field of Dreams photo.

    My question is what did your spell check think of crisising?

  58. Aaaaw, that was very sweet! And helpful! Thanks for the pep talk, Sassy.

    Someday I know more than 7 people will be interested in reading in-depth analyses of early 1980s music videos and, by gum, when they do... I'll be riding the crest of the '80s music video blog wave!

    Oh, and I'm glad you kept on blogging too. I never would have found your witty musings in the 2006 Friendster archives. :)

  59. Dude (I know you are a girl but roll with it), this is a phenomenal post. From this moment forward, you can think of yourself as Gene Hackman in the locker room scene in Hoosiers- you know you've been gunning for that visual. Bloggers of the world, get pumped! In all seriousness, thanks for the inspiring post to put a bit of wind in the sails of all of us newbies.

  60. One can certainly observe the progress in your writing,and that should be reason enough to have readers.Followers is cool too,although in blogging they're more like sympathizers that get captured by your charisma.
    The mention about the voice,well it used to be called style,whatever
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    Just clic here on my name on this comment.

  61. Anonymous5:43 AM

    just thought i'd post my first comment to your blog. ive been reading for a few months now (found you in blogs of note) and love your witty musings... you are quite an inspiration, and to discover that even talented writers like you take ages to be unearthed was a reality check. i hope to one day start my own blog, next year, when i move schools.
    from lucy
    p.s. i think i tick two minority boxes in terms of unique fans. 1-i'm a teenager and 2-i'm from new zealand

  62. rchamley9:32 AM

    Just wated to let you know, even though I cannot check your postings daily, I get on here as much as possible and will read 2 weeks worth of your musings, if necessary, to catch up. I have you on my favorites bar, that's right, the bar, not just the list! And I turned my daughter on to you, who this January (at 21) moved to Manhattan to intern for ABC news. I believed that she has a similar brilliant, witty, smart alecky world view to yours, and I was right, she loves you as well!
    So even if you do not see the love in your hits, I promise you it's out there.

    A loyal Florida follower!

  63. I just found you a few months back. You are hilarious. Thank you for this post. It was exactly what I needed.

    My favorite thing was your confessions about eating in bed. The poppy seed that you thought was a tick almost killed me!

    Thanks for writing this!

  64. I found putting the word vagina in posts seems to really generate the hits.

  65. This post was particularly inspiring for me... I found your blog a few months ago and I've been reading it since and I think your blog is the epitome of a great blog! I love reading all of the stories that you share and all of your sassiness :)
    I'm a college student in Rhode Island and this past semester one of my projects in my writing in electronic environments course was to start a blog. It was all new to me and I chose a topic that I felt I could have fun with: poking fun at bad gifts ("Giftastrophes").
    For the class, I made all of the necessary posts and even though I enjoyed it, I feel like I wouldn't be able to keep up with it for a longer period of time and I've been a little discouraged. I really want to involve myself in blogging just to keep writing and I've been putting it off mainly because I'm not even sure where to start with a personal blog outside of a class project. Should I try to continue with the themed blog I've already started? Or should I push myself to try out new things in a new blog and see where it takes me?

  66. Sassy C...I adore this post. For reals. A friend told me about your blog, and this post was just what I needed to read to get a shot in the proverbial arm to not give up on blogging and writing. I have a small, but loyal, audience, and I have gained them by just writing. I don't pimp myself with giveaways (not that I'm judging those who do) but I feel that if my content is good enough, people will return. And they have. Not in the millions, but in the tens. And that's okay by me.

  67. Oh honey! that was BRILLIANT!

  68. I found you through that fateful Blog of Note award... and everytime I log in to update my blog or just to check the ones I follow, I look for yours. I know you're going to be witty or touching, or both. Your little bits of randomness are on my list of things I look forward to.

    So, thanks. XD

  69. Hey Sassy,
    Thanks for the advice and the pep talk. I started blogging back in February in an effort to record my attempt at creating an extraordinary life (I'm moving to Taiwan in July). Here's the link to my first post. I absolutely love your blog;it gives me a good chuckle every day...sometimes even a guffaw.
    Many thanks,
    Taipei Kate

  70. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Perfect blog at the perfect time (even if I am days late). Thanks for being so funny.

  71. Hi, I just want to say that I think your blogs are hilarious. I wish I could be half as funny as you are. I started reading your blog when I was doing my own blog for an English class in college. I happened upon your blog while trying to come up with things to say in mine, and I've been hooked ever since. You actually inspired me to be a little more laid back in my writing for my English blog and try to inject my own humor here and there. I'm not sure if it helped my grade at all , but it certainly made my forced blogging more bearable. Now, I think that I may start my own blog, and I've got you to thank. So, thanks!

  72. This was so freakin inspiring. And I am being serious.

    For a while I was getting twice as many hits as I had followers. I thought I was awesome. And then I got 200 more followers, and I was really digging my popularity.

    BUT THEN my readership died back down to that original number. WTF new followers? Am I not entertaining enough for you?? ....It was a hard blow.

    I need to stop checking my stats.

  73. "... and then I guess I'd have to go FAQ myself, wouldn't I?"
    It is the little things like that that make me return to read your shtuff. And this post is probably my favorite I have read since following you (May I think of 2010), just because it is so encouraging!
    Thanks a lot Sassafrass!

  74. thanks for sharing mannnn.... :)

  75. A. You are my hero (like, I want to BE you when I grow up). You are a marvelous writer/blogger and I know you'll make a marvelous mother, as well.
    B. The Party Down (photo) reference at the bottom of the page, is pure brilliance. (Again, you're my hero.)
    C. I needed to read this post. It is SO true and was very reassuring on why I started blogging, as well. For me.

    Thanks! :)


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