Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Texts From My Sister: Thongs of Summer

A sign of spring in New York for me has always been the first sighting of a discarded weave on the sidewalk. It's like the city's version of Punxsutawney Phil.

So the urban anthropologist in me was excited when my sister tipped me off yesterday to a potential sign of summer:
In the past 24 hrs I have seen 2 visibly worn and abandoned thongs on separate city streets. I hope I am never in a situation where I lose the thong I'm wearing at the Bergen Street bus stop.
P.S. I get so many amazing texts from Zoe that this will be a thing now. I expect it to go viral and make me millions.

P.P.S This one should have been called Texts from my Sisqo. Heh. Heh. Get it?

P.P.P.S. Haven't had coffee yet--apologies for attempting to pun.


  1. This is a fantastic de-caffeinated re-telling of random thong discovery in your fair city. Please pass along thanks to your sister for alerting you to such a great find.

  2. Interesting way to start off Spring there...Blogging without coffee can be dangerous.

  3. will you please tell Zoe to return my thongs?

  4. Oh, you could have yourself a little "Spring Scavenger Hunt"! I did it once on a european holiday... it's so fun!
    First, make a list of 20 signs of summer and cross them off as you see them. You can text each other photos of your finds.... how great is that?!
    You could even get your readers involved.
    Oh! I think I see a bunched up beach towel.....

  5. My mom calls flip flops "thongs." It makes for some uncomfortable comments in public. Such as, "Are you wearing a new pair of thongs?"

  6. I envy your big city living. You see discarded thongs and think, "What the Slut!?!". Out here, a discarded thong means that my taxes are going up because some teenager is about to get on WIC.

  7. I don't want to know what "visibly worn" means...

  8. to A.B. My mother also refers to flip-flops as thongs. I thought she was the only one. It seems our mothers would get along and have the only non-awkward conversation EVER regarding "thongs" or flip-flops.

  9. We used to call flip flops 'thongs' when I was little too. I still do sometimes, much to the chagrin of my teenaged children. Which, really, just provides me with further motivation to continue doing so.


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