Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Following the Fleet

Today marks the end of an unofficial holiday: Fleet Week, that giddy annual seven day sojourn during which women from the Bronx to the Battery hope to catch a glimpse of a Gene Kelly doppelganger painting the town red in his dress whites (some men, of course, also look forward to it; a Yelp user who I can only assume is not a Jew recently likened Fleet Week to "Passover for gays."). Fleet Week is full of military demonstrations, parades, and community outreach, but I wanted to know what the sailors did on their days (and nights) off--so I followed them. Literally.
"Tits ahoy!"

Read all about it online, and in this week's New York Observer.


  1. Pretty cute. I imagine some of them get into a little more trouble, but for most of them a little beer, a little flirting... great fun.

  2. I like how they all call me, "sir". After too many years of surly kids in the restaurants I've worked and the schools I've taught, it's music to my ears."Yes sir, thank you sir." Thank you for your service.

  3. Loved fleet week in Portland made things interesting for sure. Look forward to what you found out in your tell all of fleet week expose of the secret lives of sea men.....

  4. Ironic I just mentioned fleet week i my blog today. I love this week in NY, nothing like a man in uniform.

    Ménage à trois

  5. Honestly? Getting involved with anyone in the military means spending most of your life alone. Their jobs involve extensive travel to foreign lands- like, all the time. One of my friends hasn't seen her husband for 6 months.


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