Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Big Give

So a month or so ago I got approached to be part of an internet project called The Big Give. It is the internet’s first-ever random acts of kindness contest, and clearly they chose me because I am a super awesome gift-giver.

Who gives a shit? Clint Eastwood, that's who.

Granted, my gifts aren’t random—they generally coincide with Christmas and birthdays—and I’ve never given anyone a gift that truly keeps on giving, like, say, a kidney, but it is a fact that I made my roommate Ellaree cry when I gave her a rock tumbler for Christmas in 2003 (and yes, she was crying from joy).

Not that I haven’t also done random nice things for people—I hold doors and give directions to foreigners (although my own sense of direction is so bad that I often, unknowingly, lead them astray) and give up my seat for children, the elderly, and pregnant women. But I don’t do a lot of surprise things ever since I showed up in Boston to “surprise” my college boyfriend on his birthday, went to his apartment while he was at work, accidentally left a curtain resting on top of a halogen lamp, and then had to greet him later by saying “Surprise! I set your room on fire!”

Anyway, as I was saying, I am super giving. I am like The Giving Tree, only less self-loathing.

What I’m doing for TBG is being part of their prize pack. Yes, all you have to do is give someone $20 worth of kindness and you—yes, YOU—could win 15 minutes in an IM chat with me (I'm supposed to give blogging advice but am also open to discussing which celebrities you think might be gay and whether Two and a Half Men would suck less if Jon Cryer played Duckie Dale and Charlie Sheen played that drug addict from Ferris Bueller's Day Off who made out with Jennifer Grey at the police station. I'll tell you right now, I think YES.)

Anyway, here's a little taste of what you can expect:

Don’t all line up at once.

But seriously, check out the site and become a fan on Facebook. And invest in a rock tumbler. It will blow your mind.


  1. My little sis had a rock tumbler and because of the rules in the world of lil sis/big sis, I wasn't allowed to use it. I was so jealous. She made the coolest things... once. And then I think she lost interest. I still wasn't allowed to use it though. She also had an Easy Bake Oven. I've never used an Easy Bake Oven before. Life is so unfair. I think I need to go throw a temper tantrum.

  2. Is it uncultured of me that I don't even know what a rock tumbler is?

  3. I tried TBG by giving $20 to the girl next door but nothing happened.

  4. Is it weird that by "rock tumbler" I thought you meant something like a drinking glass with Ozzy Osbourne biting off the head of a chicken on it? And Ozzy isn't in his twenties, he's an only slightly coherent fifty-something. I think something like that would make me cry tears of joy.

    And does it count if I've given at least $20 dollars total over the course of my time at ASU to various homeless people on the lightrail? Even if it was out of fear?

  5. You did a random act of kindness by 1) responding to my friend Rita's email 2)agreeing to a shout out of my blog and 3) following my blog
    so, you are awesome already

  6. Rock tumbler?
    I briefly had a vision of a cross between Keith Richards and Cathy Rigby.


  8. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I don't know what I'd make if I had a rock tumbler but I kinda want one now. I love sending people random gifts... ask my friend Winn. I'm pretty awesome.

  9. Trying to become more of a giver. So glad others are having much success at it. I'm thinking rock tumblers spend a lot of time in the ER.

  10. Una, this is awesome! Thank-you so very much!

    I'm excited! Can you tell my the number of !s I'm throwing around?

  11. i have had a day of epic shit proportions but your bit about the college boyfriend oh it made me laugh.
    A much appreciated lol.


  12. So I just had to bing "rock tumbler" (I'm so over google) and I definetley just peed a little. I totally remember the commercials for those, and thought how cool they were!!! You might also appreciate this--I freakin' hate our office grab bags at christmas every year, so I buy a Chia Pet. Every year. They always tell me not to, to which I respond, "you aren't the boss of me" (even when it is my boss) and buy it anyway. Because grab bags suck! I actually had to buy two gifts this year, because when I went to pick up the chia at the drug store, right next to it was a glorious leg-lamp night-lite, ala A Christmas Store. You are so welcome for the absurdly long comment :o)

    Ok- one last thing before I go, how come the word verifications you have to type in always sound like a freaking venereal disease??? "Chabg." See??

  13. Quick question- why is it that whether I search for info on rock tumblers, Mount Rushmore, or where to get my license renewed, the results these days always include a close up picture of the gut of an obese chick and a question about whether I have any interest in losing 30 pounds in 30 days? Do the puppeteers of the internet have the ability to discern the details of my diet based on my unrelated internet searches? Either way, good luck with the charitable giveaway. I'm not sure what I would do with a 15 minute IM session, probably just bounce canned jokes your way that have been flatly rejected in person by all of my friends.


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