Saturday, April 3, 2010

Punky Reviewster: Das Hoboerotica

Yes, yes, y'all, I'm back!

Every time you turn around/
You see the girl that turns your world around (that's ME!)


Reader Rachel Leastlikely mailed me a CD ("So Long Succors"... awesome) by her band, Das Hoboerotica (a cello-accordion duo out of Lincoln, Nebraska, not actual hobo erotica, but that's ai'ight... you totally had me at cello-accordion.) along with the following note:

Mrs. Reviewster,

Thanks for taking a listen to our album! We recorded it here in Lincoln in 2008, have been performing ever since, everywhere from Clawfoot House in Lincoln to the Banks Street Bar in New Orleans. We're releasing our 2nd album, Feminine Hyjinx... soon!

We're on Myspace and Facebook and available on iTunes, CD Baby et al.

Thanks for the consistent awesomeness of the blog. I enjoy it daily.

Much LOLs,

Rachel & Lenna

"So Long Succors" is totally unique and alternative in the best way. It reminds me of when me and my friend Abby used to write music to pass the time in Cloudcroft, NM because there wasn't anything to do but play minigolf at Der Golfstock or get old-timey photos taken:

Anyway, Das Hoboerotica is pretty trippy and also quite pretty. The cello-accoridon mix sounds almost like Kronos Quartet sometimes: dissonant but powerful, with sweet, breathy vocals layered on top, or, sometimes, spoken word (I especially liked the line: "It's alright to hate someone; you don't have to feel so bad" on Track 2, aka "Waltz of Pain"). Some songs are rich and velvety spirituals, and some sound like a great jugband playing in the backroom of a raucous dive bar. In short, the album is eclectic and creative and totally worth a listen.

Thank you, Rachel and Lenna, for sharing your music with me!

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  1. What in the world were you doing in Cloudcroft, NM? Furthermore, how many people in the world have even HEARD of Cloudcroft? haha. I'm from New Mexico and have a lot of friends from Cloudcroft...I was just quite surprised to see it mentioned in the blog of such a hip, non-New Mexican person :P

  2. Sass, your talents are multi and diverse. I just like the name...hoboerotica, although I suspected it more to be a heavy metal band, but hey the juxtaposition of name and style seems to work.

  3. I love the Old Time Photo.

  4. It was hard for me to read with your astonishingly mystifying and alluring unibrow distracting me yet again...

    Oh yeah! Great post!

  5. Great review, terrific photos. ;))

  6. Oh Ms. Curmudgeon, can I just tell you that I felt a pang in my heart when I caught a glimpse of the little uni brow'd you in my reader today. I've seen the early signs of a red uni brow on my 17-month-old daughter. I'm now asking myself if it is better to have her plucked and pretty before school or if the name calling she'll receive will help her grow into a stronger woman.

    Thanks again for a laugh.

  7. Oh I love the picture....takes me back to I have a pic like that from WAY back when.

  8. Jinkies!

    So I'm late to the review party, but I KNOW DAS HOBOEROTICA! Well, I know Rachel, anyway. I had Easter dinner with her and a bunch of friends. How crazy to see her music mentioned here!

    Una, you are COOL!


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