Monday, April 19, 2010

Interviewing the Project Runway Finalists

I was in the back seat of a cab trying to beat my Brick Breaker score last week when an email popped up on my BlackBerry from Kannie Yu LaPack, publicity director for Lifetime Television. "Would you be interested in lunch with the 3 finalists?" she wrote. I tried to come up with a more professional response than "Fuck yes!" and typed something about how I would love to. A few days later she sent me the details: the lunch would be at Sea Grill on W. 49th Street, and the finalists (accompanied by a Lifetime publicist) would meet me there. "I'm not the only press, am I?" I wrote, to which Kannie responded "You sure ARE." Gulp.

The morning of the interview I was dismayed to find that I had nothing clean in my closet except for a pair of black jeans and an Old Navy t-shirt (which, at least, is better than the free shirt I got from Pop Chips proclaiming "Snackers do it between meals"). I hoped against hope that the finalists would not judge my garments as harshly as I have judged theirs for the past twelve weeks.

I'm sorry I said you looked like a middle-aged Rudy from Fat Albert, Emilio!

When I got to Sea Grill at the appointed time, I suddenly blanked on the name of the publicist who was meeting me there, so I probably gave the hostess the impression that English was not my first language. "Um, I'm meeting a group?" I asked, though it was not a question. "The... um... Project Runway?"

"Yes, they're already here," she said, and led me around a corner to a round table where Seth Aaron, Emilio, Mila and the publicist--Jennie, which I totally should have memorized using the Tommie Tutone song, damn!--were waiting.

Read the rest on HuffPo! And if you've forgotten how awkward I am interviewing celebrities, here is a humbling refresher.


  1. I loved the interview! Thanks. That must've been cool, except for the whole erasing the last hour of the interview part. Oh well, your recaps were still fun to read.

    And learning about what goes on in the show was a little...disturbing. Yes, I'm completely crept out by the fact that the contestants who've been eliminated still have to stay and that Heidi and the other judges don't interact with the cast when not on the Runway.

    That's so weird.

    Thanks, again!

  2. How freaking awesome is your life really? The fact that you erased your the rest of the transcript is actually quite endearing. Good job and I am SOOOO totally jealous!

  3. I like the following two beach pictures.To me those are the best pictures. Thanks

  4. That is awesome, great job!

  5. gawd i hope seth aaron wins! i totally wouldn't have been able to be un-bitchy to emilio.


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