Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness

It's been a long week. Hell, it's been a long year and it's only March. I've been working nonstop for the past few weeks, so much so that I am not even caught up on all my shows (or as Jeff calls them, my "stories."). I KNOW. I have been burning the candle at both ends, by which I mean both my hair and my ass are on fire. Like, metaphorically.

Anyway, due to my general inability to form sentences or wash my face on a regular basis, today's post is going to be kind of a catch-all. That's a nice phrase, right? It means "random bullshit filler" but it sounds so much more inviting.

So firstly, I have been wanting to showcase Jeff's birthday cake, which was made by a twelve year-old. For real.

I know, it's depressing, isn't it? When I was twelve all I could make was a gimp lanyard, and even then not well.

If you are in New York and need a cake or baked good, I highly recommend that you check out Sophia's blog. She's the daughter of a family friend and makes amazing desserts. The blog is also fun to read even if you aren't in New York and just like looking at cake porn.

Next, I have gotten some more awards from fellow bloggers over the past weeks, and even though I think you all know enough about me that I don't need to make any lists of fun facts, I wanted to publicly thank and recognize the people who took the time to show me love. Thank you Mainland Streel, Ashley from Grunge, Glamour & Graphomania, and Ashley from Our Journey Begins, As The Kings...! I feel like I left someone out; if I did please don't be offended. It is 2 am, I am seriously tired, and like I said, my ass is on fire.

While I'm on the subject, though, I want to tell all of you who've left blog links in the comments that I will visit your blogs, I promise, one by one, as I find the time. I also feel bad that I haven't been responding to your comments as often or as thoroughly as I'd like to. I wish I could spend all day just blogging and reading your blogs and buying baguettes and carrying them around feeling whimsical and maybe even wearing a boater shirt with horizontal stripes (even though I know how few people that actually flatters). But for now I've got to prioritize my demanding day job and, of course, manage my America's Next Top Model Fantasy Team.

Okay. TGIF, you beautiful readers, you. I have to go collapse face down in a plate of beignets now. Or, I guess, on my pillow. That might be more practical, and sanitary.



  1. I dont even think I could make a gimp lanyard let alone a cake like this at 12!

    I highly enjoy your writing, it makes me laugh so much.

  2. At 12 I tried to make cake in the shape of scoops of ice cream and stick them in ice cream cones. And then I microwaved it with a frosting to make it a "mousse". No lie.

  3. oh good. for a second there I was worried that this was going to be a post about basketball & then I was going to be pissed at you.

    p.s. Cake porn is my favorite kind of porn. (next to Avatar porn).

  4. Who knew that Vietnamese sweatshop bakeries have such thorough penmanship courses. Big ups, Lai Ming!

    Know who thinks you can totally rock the B&dubs boater shirt? This guy:

  5. just one want a slice

  6. Great cake!!! All I could make at 12 was trouble, and at 39 I don't make much more...:)

  7. I can't make a gimp lanyard now, never mind when I was 12. That is a very lovely cake and if my intuition doesn't fail me, it is chocolate through and through which means I need some.

  8. the cake is awesome - and you are the funniest, ever!

  9. a pillow would be nice, but beignets are so much more tasty!

    thanks for the laughs, sistah :)

  10. wow that cake look's great!
    also work call's I'm sure we all understand.It's just your post's are so full of witty comments and snappy comebacks we want more more more!

    hehe anyway take care I know I understand when work get's hectic.

  11. You know what? I don't even really like cake all that much, but Jeff's birthday cake looks stellar. (It's lovely, AND it's made entirely of chocolate, right? What's not to love?)

    I'm with you...2010 is the longest year of my life post grad-school. (Grad school actually felt like 4 years instead of 2. Just sayin'.) I hope we both get through this year alive is all I'm sayin'!

  12. I'm always looking for some good cake porn, so thanks for the tip...
    Even when you are writing "random bullshit filler" blog entries, they're still focused and fun to read, not an easy feat to accomplish!

  13. I'll be thinking about cake for the rest of the day now...

    I'm 39 and I can make beans on toast if that helps?

    I was going to award you the
    "Glens-Life at Blogspot Dot Com award for shocking use of someone else's comments board for shameless self publicity"

    But sadly, I awarded it to myself yesterday :-)

    Any way, where was I ... Cake......

  14. Mmmmm....beignets....sounds comfortable.

    And what exactly is a "gimp" lanyard? I'm familiar with regular ones, but not so much with this. Does that make me ignorant or say that I didn't have a childhood?

  15. I truly hate that a 12 year old has that kind of baking skills and I can't even ice cupcakes to my own satisfaction. Anywho, I know you've probably received an infinite number already, but I've got an award for you!

  16. wow. what a cake. looks so good. did it taste as great as it looks? cuz sometimes cakes LOOK really good, but then just taste like shoe....

    at 12, i was just learning how to swim.... and with those orange floaties on my arms. i'm not even joking....

    i think i baked my first half decent cake last year.

    glad you saw your award, although i was probably like number seventeen million and one to give it to you.... oh well, you definitely deserve it! =)

  17. I.feel.your.pain. So much.

  18. That is incredible lettering for a 12-year-old. Give that kid a high five!

    You're reading blogs, you say? Then pardon me if I belch out a shill.

  19. At 12? Wish I could make a cake now. :P

  20. I want to tell all of you who've left blog links in the comments that I will visit your blogs, I promise, one by one, as I find the time.

    Australian Detox

  21. Ditto to what Ashley said! Your blog is one of my favourites, and it always makes me giggle or "awwww!"

    Wow, at 12 I was creating Tolkien rip-off worlds and starting a chess club...definitely not baking super-awesome cakes.

    Get some rest! :)

  22. Love the cake and the reference to cake porn...I might be able to spin that topic for a post of my own. Your site cracks me up...even at 2AM with your ass on fire!

  23. Isn't that the dream? to spend all day "blogging and reading your blogs and buying baguettes and carrying them around feeling whimsical and maybe even wearing a boater shirt with horizontal stripes" Maybe even sailor suit shorts (deigned by Heidi Montague?) and boat shoes too? Ah, to dream!

  24. Wow that's a talented 12 year old thats a great cake!
    and i didnt know there was an america's next top model fantasy team!

    Thanks for the tip!
    and congrats on your awards : )

  25. The chocolate cake makes me hungry and I feel liking tasting some, though it has a lot of calories and kind of watch now.

  26. I, too, am not above shameless self promotion. I think you should read my blog too.

    I would like to leave some clever and funny on this here post...however, all I can think about is that cake...mmmm...cake...

  27. LMAO "hair and ass on fire"

    when i was 12 i was still stuck on the idea of smashing cakes rather than eating them.

    shamelessly linking:

  28. MMM. cupcakes would be so good right now...

  29. Falling into a plate full of beignets sounds more satisfying than a pillow.

  30. I've gotta jump on board. That cake looks too good. Is there any left? [I figure it doesn't hurt to ask.]

  31. Wow. Wish I could make a cake when I was 12.


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