Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scene From A Marriage: Ack Attack

Scene: Walking down our block towards home, circa 10 pm.

Me: [Unidentifiable noise somewhere between a sigh and coughing up a hairball]
Jeff: Did you just say "Ack!"?
Me: No.
Jeff: You're like Cathy*.
Me: Excuse me?
Jeff: Well you do love chocolate. And you wear a bathrobe a lot.
Me: I can't believe you just compared me to Cathy. I'm going to start comparing you to Barfy the labrador from Family Circus.
Jeff: I bet no one ever banged Cathy though. So you've got that going for you.
Me: No one's banging "Cathy" tonight, pal.

*I must admit, though... he has a point.



  1. Really amusing post. Glad I dropped by.
    Check out my dating troubles...

  2. Funny post. You and Jeff sound like good teammates.

  3. Cathy is one of the only "celebrities" from Midland, Michigan! That says about as much for Cathy as it does for my hometown. Is there any comic strip personalities that would be flattering to be compared to? If you think of one, let me know.

  4. How about Lynne from George and Lynne?

    I wouldn't mind being compared to her, plus she seems to have a pretty cushy life, loafing around most of the day in the nude.

    This is such a British toon strip!

  5. Oooh, being compared to Cathy... fighting words if I ever heard them. Never mind that I've spent four days in my pjs and robe, feeling miserable and eating chocolate.

  6. I must be Cathy ish myself also love bathrobes (mines terry towelling on the inside and velour on the outside and just talking about it makes me want to go and put it on mmmmm cosy) and chocolate is my favourite food groups right next to cake.

  7. Cathy is married and no doubt has an active sex life.

  8. i really like your blog, i'm always curious to see what you will write next. (:

    check out my blog!

  9. Interestingly: Thanks, I hoped it was funny and not just pathetic...

    Plenty: Thanks, and thanks for the link. Good luck with your search :)

    Ron: We ARE good teammates, partly because we are not afraid to mock each other mercilessly (but lovingly)

    Zero: Good point, although I do love Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. And Nermyl from Garfield. I'm a spaz.

    Sproglet: I must check that out!

    Grandma and natural girl: I do embrace my inner Cathy quite regularly. Bathrobes and chocolate are just one of those magical combinations, like PB & J or Jack Daniels and ginger ale...

    Dummy: REALLY?! I thought Cathy's whole point was her frustrated singledom. If Cathy is getting it on the regular there is hope for us all!

  10. haha, i'm a new follower & i have to say your blog is solid gold. :)


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