Friday, January 8, 2010

Lemmings Unite!

So Twitter—you know, that thing I joined even after posting a missive about how I wouldn't?—has this thing called "Follow Fridays." You're supposed to tag people who you think your followers should follow. It's kind of like a big ol' Internet circle jerk (without webcams). OK, I just grossed myself out. And I'm eating soup. Vom.

Aaaaanyway, my point is that I thought I'd do that kind of thing on the blog today—point you towards other blogs and sites you might like. Assuming you like my blog and aren't just hate-reading and making voodoo dolls, I think you'll appreciate the sense of humor in the following:

Subway Douchery: You all know well the giant bone I have to pick with the subway (circle jerk, giant bone—what is with me today? Sorry.) Well, this genius has created a website that calls out individual acts of subway douchery, whether perpetrated by straphangers, the homeless, or the MTA. It makes my little black heart crack with glee.

The Pancake Project: This guy makes pancakes in the shape of Jack Bauer, a taco dinner, and a severed hand. Food is truly my most favorite of art media.

That Is Priceless: Spot-on hilarious fake titles of classical paintings (Samples: "Lance Armstrong Staring Down an 8-Year-Old" and "Samuel Adams Demanding to Know Where His Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar Disappeared To")

Passive-Aggressive Notes: Think Post Secret but not depressing. Just as I love looking at photos of awful celebrity plastic surgeries, I love reading other people's unintentionally funny, misspelled (fun fact: I just misspelled 'misspelled' but luckily I have spell check) passive-aggressive notes!

Oh and also check out all the blogs on my blog roll—on the right column and down a bit. A collection of my favorite people (including some members of my immediate family), with writing that ranges from the soul-searching to the gut-busting.

I'll still be your favorite, though, obviously, even if I have to start making pancakes and leaving them for rush hour subway mariachi bands with passive-aggressive notes attached.



  1. You must have forgotten mine. S'ok, honest mistake. I'll fix it for you:



  2. Thanks for the shout-out :)

    Also, Subway Douchery is GENIUS. I love it. It's funny 'cuz it's true.

  3. Becca—a terrible mistake, one that I've rectified.


  4. lol - I love that all the blogs you read, I read. nice.

  5. Congrats on the article wit Parker Posey! It was very good!

  6. Kristen5:31 PM

    I was reading your blog as my normal daily routine and linked over to 5 hours later I had finished the site and lost my whole day. Many thanks for helping me procrastinate. However, My piles of dirty laundry that never got done curse you. :)

  7. Thanx. Much appreciated. :)

    And you'd still be my favorite even without making pancakes for mariachi bands.


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