Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pedro Lacks Political Experience, Whereas I Am Hilarious and Awesome

OMG you guys. Look.

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!
(Pssst! Click on that thing and you can vote for me, the Napoleon Dynamite of the blogosphere!)

Who on earth could have nominated me?

This girl:

More spaces in my mouth than in my eyebrows. That deserves a pity vote, and you know it.

Yup, I nominated myself. I know you would have, if you had known, so I forgive you.

Seriously, though, vote for me. They make you log in, but that is but a few moments of your time, whereas a unibrow is forever. That's right. If I win, fake unibrows for everyone!



  1. voted! only because I'm freakishly in love with your blog... not because you told me to.

  2. done and done. but sassy's current vote total makes me sad. very, very sad.

  3. Don't worry. I'll never win, but I love all of you for voting!

  4. I am also freakishly in love with your blog, and have therefore voted.

  5. Alright...I am now thoroughly convinced we are freaky soul sisters. I owned this exact dress, in teal mind you, and had my 5th grade picture taken in it. I swear I will find it and post it for you. I do however remember, that I loved this dress, and the teal tights I wore with it. To make matters worse, my mother cut my perfectly lovely straight hair, shorter....only on the top. and had it permed. ouch.


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